A sip into the fall season

Seasonal limited-edition drinks season exceed expectations


Samantha Vojslavek

The Pumpkin Spice Latte recently made its annual appearance on the Scooters menu and will only be available through the fall season.

Samantha Vojslavek, Features Editor

As the autumn season peaks around the corner, coffee shops around the area have brought out seasonal drinks and flavors to spice up their listed menu items. Being a personal fan of ‘pumpkin spice and everything nice,’ I decided to order two contrasting drinks to compare a festive drink to a limited-edition drink that is a recent addition to the Scooters menu. 

In search of new and classic fall flavors, I visited the Scooters located off 180th and Q Street. In hopes of receiving fast service, I took advantage of the drive thru available at this location. Upon entering the drive thru window, I met a welcoming worker who was immediate to greet and assist me. I was pleased with the quick and friendly service I had experienced.         

Starting off my review with an ordinary hot Pumpkin Spice Latte, I spent $5.10 on my first coffee purchase. This price was nothing shocking to me, for I had expected to spend at least $5 knowing this was a limited-time seasonal drink. 

In regards to the drink I’ve looked forward to tasting all year, I would say my expectations were easily met. After patiently waiting a few minutes to let this drink cool down, the first drink was delicious. With plenty of spice and not as many pumpkin flavors, this drink did not disappoint. This beverage reminded me of Thanksgiving and the leaves changing colors throughout this season. Made at the perfect hot temperature, tastes of cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin stood out the most to me. Overall, I appreciated this drink a ‘latte’ and hope to return back to Scooters soon to order this drink again. 

Moving on to my second choice, one of several new additions to the Scooters menu, I spent a total of $6.19 on a small Blended Maple Vanilla Latte. Among both drinks, my grand total came to $11.29. Although there are several coffee stores within the area with cheaper items, I decided my total money spent was fairly reasonable. Between the great service I experienced throughout my encounters with their staff and the overall pleasing quality of both drinks, I believe I spent my fair share of money. 

The initial taste of this blended drink came as a pleasant surprise to me. The drink may not look extremely appeasing, but the sweet, mapley flavor overrides the boring presentation. Being more on the sweet side, the drink’s taste has strong flavors that match its name. Having a smooth texture, this blender was easy to enjoy and sip on. Although the rich maple aspect was the most prominent flavor, I still received the taste of classic espresso and vanilla. I’m still indecisive on whether I would order this drink again, but I enjoyed it more than I had expected. 

To conclude, I would definitely recommend both of these drinks to anyone in search of crisp, fall flavors or a sweet drink with an unfamiliar twang. While my money-spent was nothing too excessive, I would have felt slightly more satisfied with my purchase if things didn’t exceed the $10 mark for just two drinks.