On the Outer Banks

Netflix’s new series reeling teens in

Outer Banks is Netflixs new series, which many teens are obsessing over during quarantine.

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Outer Banks is Netflix’s new series, which many teens are obsessing over during quarantine.

Jenna Reynolds, Staff Reporter

Searching through Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. Today, I stumbled across Outer Banks. After it’s release on April 15, many people had told me to watch it so I finally decided to start the first episode. Usually, it is hard for me to commit to watching a whole series because they start to get boring after a while. However, this series kept my eyes glued to the TV I finished the first season, which was ten episodes, in a matter of 48 hours. Quickly, the characters, plot and setting captivated me. 

The show is set in Outer Banks, North Carolina, an island that is divided between the Pogues, the working people on the island, and Kooks, the rich people on the island. It follows John B (Chase Stokes), a teenager who lives alone after his father was lost at sea while looking for a $400 million treasure, and his friends JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) as they look for the treasure of the lost ship, the Royal Merchant. On their action-packed adventure to find the treasure they clash with some of the Kooks who stand in their way. 

One of the best parts of the show is how action-packed it is, it keeps the viewer’s attention as the show moves from scene to scene. I often found myself holding my breath while watching. It varied between Pogues running from authorities and Kooks fighting, guns, and many suspenseful scenes. This constant variety of action was part of what kept me watching episode after episode. 

The plot keeps the viewer hooked the entire duration. The show isn’t just kids looking for treasure, there are love triangles, family issues and murder mysteries that aid to the shows interesting plot. It was like a rollercoaster of suspense, intricate loops and sharp twists and turns. It consisted of many mysteries intertwined and as soon as one was solved it led to the next. 

Another reason the show has been so popular amongst teens lately is because of the charming characters. All of them are very likable and I found myself feeling attached to each of them, even some of the bad guys. It doesn’t hurt that the cast is also made up of new attractive actors who portrayed each character nicely. Each character is different from the next and the show dives into each of their personal stories, not just John B’s. It was interesting to learn more about each character as the show went on and learn the reasoning behind who they were and their motives. The characters are witty and pull some humorous lines to lighten the mood throughout the episodes. 

One of the captivating things about the show was the setting it is set right after a hurricane on the island of Outer Banks, North Carolina. The island is beautiful and the characters get around by cars, walking and running, as well as on their boats through the marshes. It was as if it took me on a mini-vacation to a remote island, instead of just being set in a house or city. The scenery was often changed up. There was everything from underwater scenes to scenes set at the top of an old lighthouse and much much more. 

TikTok has been filled with videos of people raving about the show and it’s cast. While I wish there were more seasons out right now, I won’t have to wait long because the next season is already being written. While it is not confirmed there is likely to be another season soon, and the director plans for 4 to 5 more seasons. Less than a week after finishing the first 

season, I have already re-watched it because the show has a huge grasp on my attention. I highly recommend watching it, to escape from the new norm of social distancing.