Jumping through hoops for cancer

Students find friendly competition in raising money


Jayden Kistitas

In attempt to raise the money JCB President Olivia Peterson stands by the bead sale. Selling for a dollar each, the sale raised $150 for the ACS. “Events like this are so important for supporting your community and giving back,” Peterson said. “I would consider the event a success because we are getting the opportunity to put money back i our community.”

Bailey Christensen, Assistant Broadcast Editor

Through weeks of preparation, both Senior and Junior Class Board held their fourth annual Hoops for Hope campaign
on Friday, January 10th at Millard South High School.

While the event involved a rivalry between Millard West and Millard South basketball, most importantly it showed the drive of students to raise money for charity. The end goal was to raise as much money as possible for the American Cancer Society which can be used to help provide information to the newly diagnosed patients, help patients going through side effects, pay for lodging and overall give extra support.

“Junior and Senior Class Boards have partnered the last four years to work with Millard South to coordinate and carry out this event, which always takes place at the Millard West vs. Millard South game,” JCB Sponsor Megan Mcenaney said. “Cancer has impacted so many people in our community and this is a great way to show unity within Millard and also raise money for an amazing cause.”

Millard West sold black T-shirts, different from the rainbow variety last year which Millard South continued to sell, and bead necklaces of different colors representing different types of cancer. Both class boards were set with the task of creating this event and raising money since the beginning of the school year.

The project’s behind the scenes process began in August when Millard West contacted Millard South and the American Cancer Society to begin the planning of location and products sold. Since then, SCB and JCB worked on different aspects of sales and advertising to get the word of the fundraiser throughout the school.

“Junior Class Board planned the shirts by ordering them and having them delivered,” Junior Class Board President Olivia Peterson said. “We also held the bead sale. We then used the sale of the T-shirts and beads to raise the money for the fundraiser.”

With the event being annual, SCB and JCB needed fresh ideas to represent its fourth year in the running. This lead to cooperation from both Millard schools. The event itself ended up gaining the most revenue from its pass the bucket which was handed around the stadium.

“Our total in donations to the American Cancer Society between shirts, passing the bucket and beads was $973.35,” JCB sponsor Megan Mcenaney said. “We raised around $350 in pass the bucket and sold exactly 150 beads which were a dollar each.”

The basketball game itself ended in a loss for the Millard West boys and girls with a score of 48 to 54 for the boys and 69 to 30 for the girls. After the game, a check was brought out to both Class Boards. Due to the unfortunate snow-covered streets, the ACS representative was not able to attend the event so after the game ended a check was given to both principals Gregory Tiemann and Heidi Weaver as an alternative.

“I think Hoops for Hope is important because so many people are affected by cancer and there are so many different types that need more awareness,” SCB president Ellen Burling said. “Hopefully we can be able to put the money towards looking for cures.”

Overall, the event shows the strength and determination of Millard students to come together past rivalries to gain money as a community for a better cause. The annual event brings more hope as students are excited to participate in next year’s event.