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The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

Despite the complexities of teenage life, its essential teens acknowledge the beneficial impact jobs will have on their lives. Infographic by Quinn Burton

Building a bright future

Quinn Burton, Editor-in-Chief
April 19, 2024
Having professional skills goes beyond the work place; It provides individuals with assets that build trust within a company, an enjoyable work environment, work morale and future benefits.

Keeping it professional

Leah Pickhinke, Staff Reporter
April 1, 2024
The car wash business is booming in the area, and students are taking advantage.

Washing away the time

Michael Bartholomew, Staff Reporter
February 12, 2024
Sophomore Iman Khalil helping around at her job with her friend. Khalil started working at her friends family owned bar a year ago. She has been described as a great server and has really nice customer service.  I really like working there, Khalil said.  I get to work with my friend and plus, I know who the owners are and am close with them as well.

On that grind

Mohammad Khan, Staff Reporter
December 6, 2023
Junior Lawson Pashia and other scare actors enjoy their time frightening people, playing different characters and bonding with the Bloodrush staff. The attraction is open from Sept. 29 to Nov. 3. “I didn’t want to have a job that wouldn’t give me good memories,” Pashia said. “I am glad I am still young enough to have a job like this where I can just enjoy my time and not have to be serious about anything.”

Fear’s performance

Leah Pickhinke, Staff Reporter
November 7, 2023
Scary Acres is located off 172 and Giles Rd and opens up at 7 p.m. each night.

Wildcats at work

Cameron McCubbins, Staff Reporter
October 27, 2022
Kids climb on an attraction at Urban Air as workers supervise them. One of Buesing’s main jobs is to supervise people and make sure they aren’t misbehaving. ‘I basically ensure that the kids stay safe in the park and follow the rules,” Buesing said. “If a kid is not following the rules, they get one warning and if it continues, they get kicked out of the park.

Jumping around

Camille O'Neill, Sports Director
March 17, 2022
Many local businesses and restaurants such as Scooter’s continue to stay open despite the pandemic. “Customers that still come to Scooter’s during this whole situation seem really grateful that we can provide some source of normalcy,” senior Olivia Oeth said. “We get a lot of calls asking if we’re still open, and there’s always a sigh of relief once we tell them they are allowed in for a drink.”

Working during a pandemic

Anna Blumenthal, Staff Reporter
April 16, 2020
Junior Elise Nyffeler works in the Scratching Post as a part of DECA. She is a junior officer and is in there during her lunch period for students to shop.

Taking on the job earlier

Paige Fortney, Staff Reporter
March 6, 2020
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