Students dashing door to door

Millard West students make extra money with their phone and car


Madelyn Christiansen

Junior Annabelle Harshbarger uses the DoorDash app to order breakfast using contactless delivery. “I like to order from DoorDash because it’s easy and super convenient.”

Madelyn Christiansen, Staff Reporter

According to youth about 46 percent of all high schoolers have a job, whether it’s working at a grocery store or working at a daycare, but a new type of job is emerging — and you only need a car and a phone. 

DoorDash, a public food delivery service allows customers to order food from nearby restaurants and grocery stores. Once the order is placed, DoorDash drivers are alerted and can select if they want to pick the product up and deliver it. One thing about DoorDash is that anyone can be a driver, all you have to do is meet certain criteria and just sign up. Another attraction to be a driver is that work is all on your own time, and you are your own boss. DoorDash has more than 100,000 drivers throughout the U.S and Canada. 

Millard West students are no exception to that number. Although you have to be 18 to drive many students at Millard West drive for DoorDash and even order from DoorDash as well. 

Senior Connor Knight drives for DoorDash and has been for almost a year now.

“I like that it’s on my own time, and I don’t have people telling me what to do,” Knight said. 

There is no set time you have to work, when you want to drive you say you are active and will begin accepting orders. Working for DoorDash you will not have a boss or anyone to report to, it’s great for independent people. 

There is also a lot of money to be made from dashing. DoorDash pays a flat rate of $3 per order you take and then the rest of the money made is from the tip left by the customer. The more orders you take the more money you make, and there is no limit. 

“I drive for DoorDash because I’m moving out of state for college and need money,” senior Emma Shertz said. “I am able to put almost all my DoorDash money into my savings so I have money to spend in college.” 

Although Doordash has been around for a few years, it has recently become a lot more popular due to the pandemic. Because DoorDash offers contactless delivery many people have been ordering food from the restaurants they love, while staying in the safety and comfort of their own home.  

Senior Lauren Cook also drives for DoorDash and likes the freedom of being able to go wherever whenever. 

“It’s really easy being able to decide when I work,” Cook said.” “The contactless delivery works great for me because I can work and not have to worry about getting sick or making others sick.”