Jumping around

Sophomore gets job at Urban Air


Photo courtesy of Urban Air twitter

Kids climb on an attraction at Urban Air as workers supervise them. One of Buesing’s main jobs is to supervise people and make sure they aren’t misbehaving. ‘I basically ensure that the kids stay safe in the park and follow the rules,” Buesing said. “If a kid is not following the rules, they get one warning and if it continues, they get kicked out of the park.”

Camille O'Neill, Sports Director

When sophomore Colin Buesing walks into work every day, he can feel the energy and see the sights and sounds of kids jumping around and having a good time. He has been employed at Urban Air since March 2021. 

Buesing first had the idea to apply to Urban Air when he went there as a customer with one of his friends. After visiting the park, he thought it would be fun to work there because he wanted to work at a place where the job was enjoyable and he didn’t feel like he was actually working. T

“I basically ensure that the kids stay safe in the park and follow the rules,” Buesing said. “If a kid is not following the rules, they get one warning. If they continue not following the rules, they can get kicked out of the park. When I’m assigned to work the front desk, I make sure that everyone has the correct wristband.”

Each time that Buesing works, he is assigned to a park to facilitate and make sure that everyone in the park is staying safe. In addition to this, he keeps track of how long different groups have to enjoy the park based on the color of their wristband. 

At Urban Air, there are four different parts of the park, including regular trampolines, basketball, dodgeball, an American Ninja Warrior gym and a ball pit, all of which have different rules to ensure kids’ safety. Most of these rules include not allowing roughhousing or horseplay to prevent injuries. 

Buresing’s co-workers recognize the hard work he puts in every shift, and they think that he is fun to work with.

“The traits that Colin has that makes him a good co- worker is he’s hard working, he’s funny, and he’s competent,” coworker Brayden Whitmarsh said. “Working with Colin has made my job enjoyable because he knows how to do his job and that’s what’s actually important.”

Through balancing his job and schoolwork on the weekdays and working on the weekends, he has learned many life lessons including time management and how to be more attentive to small details in his everyday life. 

Family members have recognized how Buesing has become a better individual because of having the job. He has learned a lot of the soft skills needed to succeed in life.

“He has become much more responsible,” sister Emily Buesing said. “It hasn’t really changed him as a person, but he has become much more cooperative. He has improved on skills such as punctuality, responsibility and how to work with others.”

Colin Buesing will continue to improve on these skills as he continues to work at Urban Air and enjoy his time at the park.