Logic- ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’, a bust


Jacob Janousek, Sports Director

29 year old rapper Logic came out of nowhere this past week releasing a new album not long after his hit single with Eminem ‘Homicide’ came out. The past years Logic has rose to the mountaintop of Hip-Hop being one of the most well known as his 2017 album ‘Everybody’ rose to number 1 on the Billboard charts and his song ‘1-800-273-8255’ with stars Alessia Cara and Khalid became a five time platinum record.

The past albums though have not great though as his ‘YSIV’ project just this past October just felt bland. Logic as become very bland. Listening to Logics albums now just feels like I’m in a Groundhog day state. It feels like every album is kind of the same and nothing clicks. On the other hand Logic is good in the Mixtape category where he just kind of puts what he wants and spits one he wants.

When it comes to albums though Logic just seems like a different artist and it can get disappointing. In this fifth album will Logic mature himself musically and take that next step?

Let’ get into the tracks.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Starting off the album there is a lot to look forward too. This was a single that came out before the album but a great way to start. In this track he really pours out on his mind. He talks about how social media and the negative outputs of his past projects has affected him. I feel he just wants to be free of them and just be liberated. Overall good start.

Homicide ft Eminem

Another good track but it’s basically what you would expect from a Logic and Eminem song. They just rap really fast and just talk about how they are better than everyone else pretty much. I really like the ‘Slim Shady’ transitions they have in and between their verses but overall what brings this track down for me is the end. Comedian Chris D’Elia does a funny impression of Eminem put that is good by itself. They just kind of through it in at the end in a Acapella way and it just was not for me.


In this track it feels like Logic wants us to sympathize with his struggle on Social Media. The beat on this track is good and Logic flow is alright just what he talks about on it is just not it. Just he talks about his mental state over the internet and its just a okay track something I would not go back too.


Oh boy. So far not one of my favorite on the album. He talks about people will take things out of context for ‘Clickbait’ but just some of the things he says just are not it and I wish he went more in depth on taking things out of context and he just does not do that.

Mama/Show Love ft YBN Cordae

This is one of the best songs I have heard from Logic in a while. I love the advice he is trying to give to the rap game and how he wants to show love to people who are still here. I feel he is looking at some of the rappers we lost this past year in XXXTENTACION, Nipsey Hussle, and Mac Miller. Logic is just telling other rappers alike that he is here for them and here to help out and it shows how great of a guy Logic is. YBN Cordae talked about the same ideas and had a good performance on this track.

Out of Sight

This song was just boring. Vocally he is just the same but does mention that he switches his flow up at one point but not a lot to take away from this track its something I feel he just slapped on this album. Instrumentally it was just a linear type of beat and stayed the same and I probably would have a huge yawn to his song if I came back to it.

Pardon My Ego

Wow. I mean the beat was kind of good on this song but Logic says some wack stuff to his haters. Most of it not too school appropriate and I had no idea where Logic was taking that track. The beat is the only highlight of this track and I pardon you for making it.


G-Eazy started off his verse by saying “This is the moment you have been waiting for”. Sorry G-Eazy but no one was waiting for it. I mean that track just starts off by saying “ah, ay” like 200 times and Logics verse is mediocre at best. I really like Logic and I want him to succeed but some of his track are just not go and these last three tracks it seems like it’s falling apart and we are halfway through the album.

Icy ft Gucci Mane

Logic kind of switched up the album a bit with this track. I’m listening to this and I feel Logic doesn’t seem like a rapper. It feels he cares about the culture and wants to influence it. He comes in this track with some high pitched “Icy’ and talking about wrist being icy as long with Gucci Mane. Every rapper is talking about their ‘ice’ or drip’ and it is nothing new or brings anything to the table.

Still Ballin ft Wiz Khalifa

After a pack of mediocre songs Logic finally comes in with a track that I can mess with. It is a average song where Logic just talks about how wealthy he is and Wiz’s verse is just okay but it is a song you can vibe too and the way this album has been it brings some spotlight to it.


This song was not authentic or new again. This song was just plain out not good. The beat was linear he was just talking about drugs and just doesn’t go in depth

with anything and it is just another bland track that is a throw away.


Logic lyrically just isn’t doing a lot right now. This track is just him talking about being the man but mentions other people like Kanye. The way this track was going I felt he should of rapped about himself but the production level on this was good and Logic lyrically didn’t do a lot he sounded good on the track and that is the only thing that will bring me back to it.

Keanu Reeves

Another single for the album and it was a track I really enjoyed. It sounds good I love the “Yeah I am the one like Keanu Reeves” hook and he raps well. The only thing that brought me down for this track was the “We are not playing game unless we talking fortnite” and the line where he just talks about being biracial since he made a whole album about it in ‘Everybody’ and he has talked about it as a joke in the past year. You either love or hate this track but overall it was a highlight on the album”

Don’t be afraid to be different ft Will Smith

Will Smith did do a lot for the rap game and it is cool to see him on a track. The only downfall of that, is this track is awful. It just seems like it is a more pop kind of song and doesn’t feel like it fits with this album. I like the idea of that track but Logic and Will Smith did not have good performances. It feels like a worse ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ track.

BOBBY ft My Dad

I don’t really have any words. I love the support Logic has for his son, I am glad they are getting along, I am glad they have a tighter bond now then back in the day. It is a cool idea to have your dad on your album but it just is not executed well, yet again.

Lost in Translation

Logic just talks about how he came up from nothing and he is now making platinum records but I got lost in the translation of this song and it wraps up the album in a boring fashion.

Overall this was not my most favorite Logic album. He has been releasing music like crazy these past two years but I feel Logic just needs to take a break. He needs to take a step back and just mature musically and come in with a new reinvented Logic. I feel people will really like it.

For this album though there was some highlights don’t get me wrong. Mama/Show Love with YBN Cordae was by far the best song on the album and one of my favorites from Logic. Both came in with good energy and I loved the idea of the song and what it was about.

Sadly the bad just has outdone the good, I don’t want to seem like a hater, I like Logic I want nothing but the best for this man but he needs to find himself again. I feel if he just takes some time on his next album and kind of re-introduces Logic it will be better for him. It is disappointing that Logic has turned into the rapper he used to rap about hating.


Logic- Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 4/10