Extended QT for scholars

Quality Time is extended for ACT prep and studying

Cody Bennett, Assisstant Striv Producer

For the first week back from Spring Break, Millard West is built on a schedule around the one hour extended QT.

The administration wanted the teachers to handout and instruct students on the ACT Prep packet, all the information must be filled out with the test taker’s information, enabling them to get the best plans for college for an above average score.

I think we’re really lucky that in Nebraska the required junior exam is also the same test that most students are already taking for college admissions,” AP World History teacher Tim Royers said. “Before it was a state requirement over 80% of Nebraska students took the ACT.  Compare that to other states, like New York, where they have to take several additional tests (they call theirs the Regents exams) on TOP of the ACT/SAT and we’re sitting real good.”

Students, although being affected by the long QT, see the importance of the information for the national test in two weeks.

“I think it’s great to have test prep in QT,” junior Vincent Towne said. “Although, it could be shorter and less disruptive to our schedule for other classes that need to be focused on.”

Scholars also get a full week with John Baylor. He helps students prepare with test taking strategies to maximize their score on the ACT. Students learn different test taking and time strategies to maximize the takers score on the test.

“Attending the John Baylor sessions has helped me realize how much he actually helps with test taking skills,” junior Aidan Kurz said. “ He taught me many tips that I will use when taking the ACT and I encourage others to take the advantage of what he has to offer.”

Baylor, a relatively popular teacher for different test taking strategies, is famous for the “twist” he puts on teaching. He can make scholars pumped up for the national exam, preparing them for the most important test when it comes to college acceptance and scholarships.

The ACT will be taken by all juniors on Tuesday. Room numbers with names have been posted in the commons for students unsure of their room number where they take the test.

The importance of the ACT cannot be understated, a chance for students to receive a full ride scholarship to college as well as have colleges that reach out to the students, wanting them to join their student body.

As Apr. 2nd draws nearer, juniors have a plethora of opportunities to prepare for the national exam that may be their ticket to a great college and a future career.