A Marvelous Movie

Captain Marvel lives up to expectations and sets the bar high for future Marvel movies

Captain Marvel (film)

Captain Marvel (film)

Vincent Towne, Staff Writer

The much anticipated Captain Marvel was released in theaters on March 8th and received a face-full of mixed reviews. But, for the most part, the movie seems to have landed home. Marvel’s movies rarely disappoint, and this one isn’t an exception.

The plot of Captain Marvel is like many of Marvel Studio’s previous films, with its chaotic, intense action scenes and a mind bending perspective shift. The story follows a Kree warrior named Vers and her quest to prove herself to her own kind that she is a powerful fighter. She, and several other soldiers find themselves defending a Kree-occupied planet from a horde of shapeshifting Skrulls. Vers proceeds to be captured, and after a series of fight scenes on her captor’s ship, she ends up falling towards earth and landing in a Blockbuster store, revealing the unique 90s setting of the movie.

While on earth, she continues to find out about her past and unlock memories that make her question if she’s fighting for the right side. I’m going to leave the rest of the movie alone, as to avoid spoilers.

Something that’s probably just assumed of Marvel movies at this point is the excellent CGI and special effects that they have to offer. Each setting and every alien seemed unique and fresh. Executive Visual Effects Producer, Jeanie King, has really set her personal high with this one. From Captain Marvel’s number of cool abilities to the space fight scenes, everything was perfect. They made the relationship between Vers and her powers seem very dangerous and unpredictable, which gave the movie flare whenever she faced off against another combatant.

If memory serves correctly, this is the first time Marvel has given a female superhero her own movie, and it definitely sets the bar high for any future superhero movies. How she was presented in the movie couldn’t have been better. There weren’t any jokes made or questions constantly being asked about her power because of her gender. Marvel did a wonderful job making her unique with who she is and what she can do, instead of just throwing in a female for diversity.

Brie Larson (Captain Marvel actress) quickly persuades viewers how qualified she is to fill the role of one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’s a more confident Katniss Everdeen, a Black Widow without moral complexity, a Wonder Woman without the unnecessary sexualizing. She embodies the everyday woman with an extraordinary set of powers. Girls everywhere can look up to her as a role model, in all honesty, there’s no reason boys shouldn’t see her as a role model either. That’s the beauty of this movie, I didn’t watch it thinking: “amazing, that’s a woman kicking everyone’s butt.” Her drive to continue to improve, no matter what obstacle that may impede her path shows viewers of all ages and genders.

Captain Marvel (Endgame)

Larson‘s future with Marvel is definitely set in stone, and she will be a staple super hero for future movies. She also appeared in the reveal for Avengers: End Game, which sets her up as a main character in the Avengers. I’m looking forward to seeing how they incorporate her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’d give this movies four stars out of five, considering the great acting, amazing plot and juicy lore that the story reveals. With both Nick Fury and Agent Colsen being featured in the movie, the origin of the avengers has finally been revealed. Also, as a bonus, we finally now how Furry lost his eye. So, if you want to learn how it happened, make sure to watch the movie, you won’t be disappointed.