YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube’s yearly review does not sit well with the community

Dev Mehta, Podcast Editor

On Dec. 6th, YouTube uploaded the 2018 Rewind for people to watch and remember what happened on YouTube this year. It was worse than the last couple of rewinds. The ones before 2018 had things that were trending; 2017 the solar eclipse, KSI was in it, Despacito song.

But this year they messed up. Big time.

Every year YouTube makes a video called YouTube Rewind to recall all of the trending things that happened during the year. In this video they choose the most influential Youtubers to be a part of it. They call them down to a studio and the YouTube production company records whatever scene the YouTubers has to do. At the end of it all they take all the recordings put it together, make into a good video and upload it sometime in December.

But this year YouTube did everything the same as they have been doing, except one thing: having good content on it and not having YouTubers that are relevant. The viewers wanted more relevant things, that happened this year, KSI vs. Logan Paul, Pewdiepie vs. T-Series, the diss tracks and good fortnite content.

“Honestly this year rewind was the worst one ever made by YouTube, literally the worst one made” an anonymous viewer said. “They had some of the worst irrelevant scenes in it and irrelevant YouTubers like Liza, Casper Lee and others that I don’t know the names of .”

Liza should have not been in there as she hasn’t uploaded a YouTube video for the last six month on her channel. All she does now is a show on YouTube Premium and that should not count as a video on her channel because not everyone will get premium to watch her show. Then they had Casper Lee on it, who has a dead channel. His views have been down for this whole year and he had no big impact on the community that made big change. YouTube choose some of the worst YouTubers to be on Rewind, they should have added YouTubers that made an actual change in the community. Like PewDiePie who donated about $246,000 for a foundation called CRY by doing a live stream on it. Mr. Beast the man who was the most trending for the whole. He bought billboards in his town to tell people to subscribe to PewDiePie.

A lot of viewers were happy about one thing to that they didn’t include BTS when they used K-Pop in the video because BTS were the ones who originally started K-Pop. YouTube should have not have made Rewind like this. They should have included more relevant things happen in 2018 better music instead of having Cardi B song I like it  and other songs that are bad. The only decent good song that they had was by Drake In My Feelings a lot of viewers said that in the comment of the video or on their YouTube video.  

In the end, the whole Rewind video was horrible for one good reason, and that is a lot of irrelevant things on it.  This is the biggest mistake by YouYube ever been made by them. The Rewind video is the most disliked YouTube video made at 10 million dislike.