Destiny 2: Warmind Review

Bungie delivers yet again, a disappointing bare bones story

Cody Bennett, Staff Writer

Waking up on the morning of May 28, the creators of Destiny, Bungie, released a brand new downloadable content (DLC). For the price of $20, Destiny 2: Warmind came out with new campaign missions and new quality of life changes to make the game more grindable and more enjoyable for the player.

Warmind opens up with a character mentioned and hinted at months before the expansion came out, Ana Bray. She is the daughter and the inheritance of the one of the most profitable companies in the universe (Clovis Bray). Dedicating the company to creating peace for all humanity and converting human life into exo-robots, they stumbled upon a creation, one of the most powerful artificial intelligence life form known to mankind. Rasputin.

In Destiny 1, players are sent on a couple missions that involve Rasputin as the Vanguard (The commanders of missions and field operations) sends you to help protect Rasputin.

We soon learn, Rasputin on Earth was just a mere speck of what Rasputin really is.

“We – they sought to create peace for all Humanity” Ana Bray said in a cutscene. “Which is ironic because they also built Rasputin…it’s all been entombed on Mars since the Collapse.”

The Collapse was hinted at the beginning all the way back in original Destiny. The Collapse followed after The Golden Age, a time of peace and prosperity amongst the people after mankind found the Traveler. Human life span tripled, with people traveling and colonizing the solar system. Clovis Bray was also founded in this time period but was buried under the ice caps in Mars.

When The Collapse happened, The Traveler fended off the Darkness (Destiny 1 antagonist) and laid dormant for decades, then awoke once again at the end of Destiny 2.

Once it awoke from its dormancy, Rasputin awoke from being dormant as well, hence, the start of the new expansion.

This story had potential from the moment of announcement. With all of this information, waiting to be revealed, Bungie delivered none of it. Still caught behind out-of-game lore that some of it, I went to YouTuber’s channels to find out the rest. With the waiting of new content coming every four to six months leaves the question, is it worth waiting for so long?

Rasputin and Ana Bray have been hinted at ever since Year 1 of Destiny, which excited me to the point of trying to catch up on all of the things I missed since I stopped playing after Curse of Osiris four months ago. But this expansion, ironically, also got me back into the game. From a lore standpoint, Warmind is the most lore involved expansion since The Taken King back in Sept. of 2015.

Overall, Bungie delivered one of the most raw and unsatisfying stories that has ever been implemented into the game. Slaying one of the original five Hive Gods was a 10-15 minute boss fight that had you throw glowing spears at a gigantic worm. On the other hand, Bungie delivered the “grind” aspect back into the game for those veteran players like myself to have a reason to be on the game and play it for numerous hours trying to get to the level cap of power.