Remember…No Russian

Controversy spikes as a Call of Duty mission may be added to the remastered game

Cody Bennett, Staff Writer

On Nov. 10, 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out on markets by developer Infinity Ward. Making Modern Warfare 2 the second game in the complete trilogy, and with 25 million sales and over $1 billion dollars overall, joining the $1 billion dollar sales club of World of Warcraft and Guitar Hero III.

Back in February, just seven weeks into 2018, there were a total of eight school shootings, and that number could climb as we head into summer. This fact correlates as one of the campaign missions of Modern Warfare 2, have you team up with a known terrorist, Vladimir Makarov, and go undercover for the CIA to recover intel on Makarov and his plans.

The mission puts you in an airport elevator and it seems simple enough until Makarov gives the player a nod and says, “Remember…No Russian” the player walks out of the elevator and the terrorists open fire on a large group of unarmed civilians with LMG’s.

The mission was all over the news once the game was released, criticizing Infinity Ward for putting that kind of mission into a game product, and showing the real brutality of terrorist attacks and war.

The developers allow you to not shoot at all until you get outside of the airport where the incoming helicopter troops and cops come in.

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered was leaked on Amazon at a price of $20 and the biggest question is, will they keep the terrorist mission in?

The mission and the situation that the player starts in helps the player understand the plot of the entire trilogy. Makarov is the main antagonist and the level explains everything that the player needs to know in the mission, giving essential plot details. If skipped over, the person playing would most likely be lost as that event starts World War III and the basis of the entire trilogy.

Some people speculate that the mission will completely be wiped from the game, saving Infinity Ward, Activision and possibly Raven the negative attention of keeping a mission about shooting unarmed civilians after everything that has occured the past year.

Another theory is that Infinity Ward would just keep the game in, especially if it has key plot points about the man the player trying catch.

The last theory could be the one Infinity Ward goes for, keeping the mission in, but having a huge disclaimer at the beginning of the mission that gives the player a choice to skip or to play through the mission at their own risk. Then, Infinity Ward making seperate cut-scene explaining who Makarov is and what he is after, saving the creators some controversy.

As the release date draws closer and closer, people have their eyes on Infinity Ward to see what their next move is.