Destiny’s Downfall

Triple A game starts to decline

Cody Bennett, Staff Writer

Destiny was released on Sep. 9th, 2014, and was a new step for the creators of the beloved Halo franchise as it introduced a new “looter-shooter” type of game as exploring an open world game. Your number one priority: saving the world from the dreaded Darkness, while enemies dropping loot when killed to max out your character and to make them stronger.

Destiny’s story over the past three years has fluctuated, but The Speaker, who is the first person you speak to in the game, gives us little insight to what happened before the events of the game takes place. It was one of the main problems from the community. But The Darkness is a mythical being that is talked about a lot throughout the very short six hour campaign, but was never specified. Like every conflict in a game, you must have a counter to a main “being.” The Traveler is a very big, Moon shaped sphere hanging above the last city on Earth and is said that in its last breath, it repelled the darkness and made these Ghosts to help you throughout your journey. They’re mission is to find a Guardian, which is your playable character. Guardians are warriors that are resurrected from the dead by your Ghosts to wield The Travelers “Light” to carry on the fight against The Darkness.

The story telling in Destiny was one of the biggest problems the community had about the game. Hours and hours of storytelling getting us nowhere, and our only answer, going online onto Bungie’s website, the creator of the Destiny franchise, and finding very little story in the game.

Destiny 2’s official game trailer came out on Aug. 21st, 2017, giving shocks and excitement to the community as the trailer gives us insight to some of the new enemy faction and new weapons.

One of the core elements of the Destiny franchise are six player co-op missions called “raids” where Bungie gathers ideas and lays them out for the production team. They design the raid for six players, entering new dynamics that the community hasn’t seen before. The team codes new bosses and dynamics that require spot-on team work for at least 1-2 hours, communicating and working together to get to the final boss to only defeat him after countless minutes and finally get some of that sweet loot.

Raids have changed, even in Destiny 2. Excitement filling the community at the talk of new DLC to keep the game fresh, that talk is now minimal. The Leviathan is the name of Destiny 2’s new raid, and some people are impressed and some people say that, “another poor attempt of getting you to spend your $60.”

Destiny 2 has come with DLC (Downloadable Content) just like its predecessor, but days before the reveal stream Bungie has on Twitch every couple months, a user on Reddit calculated the rate on how much XP (Experience) after doing activities for an extended period of time. The Reddit user calculated the amount of XP you earn after every minute of playing and found out that Bungie cuts you XP by 50%. The method is used for gamers to get bored of playing the same thing over and over again, to just buy loot boxes and to pay them.

As the next DLC for Destiny 2 releases, the community will gobble up anything that Bungie still has to offer.