Royal Rundown

Everything you need to know about Masterpiece’s “Victoria”

Alexandra Dobesh, Staff Writer

A young girl of only 18 answers a knock at the door. The message she receives will change her life forever. She is now the Queen of England.

Following Queen Victoria’s assent to the throne after the death of her uncle, King William IV, Masterpiece’s “Victoria” has captivated audiences across the country on Sunday nights.

Season 1 of “Victoria” hit American televisions in January 2017. It tracks the beginning of Victoria’s reign as queen and how she proves wrong every skeptic that believes she can not become a powerful monarch. The audience sees how Victoria deals with her mistakes as she learns how to rule, as well as her courtship and marriage to her cousin, Albert, and her first pregnancy.

Season 2 finally arrived this January and starts off following the birth of Victoria’s first child. She must resume her queenly duties which include solving the problems of the first Anglo-Afghan War and negotiating with the french monarch King Louis Philippe.

Viewers additionally get a view at the drama between the servants. Romance and rivalries thrive underneath all of the glitz and glamour of Buckingham Palace. The staff is a diverse mix of characters all played by talented actors such as Nell Hudson, Daniela Holtz and Ferdinand Kingsley. Each character has their secrets, which are slowly revealed, keeping viewers engaged and anxiously waiting for the next episode.

Victoria is a strong female lead, played by Jenna Coleman. She was, until recently, the longest reigning British monarch and stood at only four feet eleven inches. Coleman portrays Victoria’s spunk, passion and impulsiveness magnificently. She brings Victoria to life through her elegance and poise. Coleman has a commanding voice and sassy attitude which create a character that is both respectable and entertaining.

Her husband, Prince Albert, is played by the handsome Tom Hughes. He does an excellent job of playing Victoria’s opposite. Albert is intelligent and places a high value on truth and technological advancement. Hughes creates a quiet character, but conveys his passion for his wife and intelligence perfectly.

Everything is beautifully designed down to the smallest detail. To help bring this drama to life, Victoria’s costumes are absolutely stunning, from the dresses, to the jewelry and the hairstyles. The viewer gets to see her outfits change with the times. All of the sets are magnificently designed as well. They include paintings from the time and ornately carved furniture

“Victoria” captures the feelings of the characters realistically. The viewer gets to see how real historical events may have played out and how people from all walks of life at this time reacted to them. It keeps the audience entertained through captivating drama.

The show was created by Daisy Goodwin who used the queen’s real diaries as inspiration. The show does take some some historical liberties for the sake of keeping the plot interesting. They stretch some of the details of the relationship between Victoria and her first prime minister and the parentage of Albert. Nevertheless, the show teaches its audience about the life of Queen Victoria. Goodwin has written  and rewritten two books about Queen Victoria.

Ever since episode one, I have been mesmerized by this show. I love how it works down to the last detail to portray an accurate image of the time period. The plotline is engaging and keeps me eagerly waiting for the next episode. I have enjoyed learning about the life and time of Victoria. The show has taught me about how the British government worked at that time, and how Victoria started the tradition of white wedding dresses.

“Victoria” will leave audiences begging for more. From the characters to the sets, everything about this show is fantastic. Be sure to tune in to PBS at 8 p.m. Sunday nights to watch this show which is fit for royalty.