Screaming For Silence

The Omaha based band looking to make it big


Jaden Madden, Staff Writer

Most people have not heard the name “Screaming For Silence,” but this Omaha based band is on the rise with their loyal fanbase and their strong lyric content that many can relate to. The band consists of lead vocalist Zeb Christensen, guitarists Danny Irwin and Casey Newsom, bassist Colin Smith and Drummer Matt Tatroe.

They played local shows in Nebraska and Iowa until 2012 when they decided to tour, playing shows in Michigan, Illinois, in addition to major cities like Los Angeles and New York City. Since then, they have played over 400 live shows in 40 states and have amassed 25,000 likes on their Facebook page.

“Our fans are the reason we are where we are,” Christensen said. “They continue to spread the love and support and we are always grateful.”

In 2015, they released their self-titled album that found success with songs like “The King Is Crowned”, “Hero To Zero”, and “Varsity Blues.”

“The King Is Crowned” went over well with fans and music critics alike. It was nominated at the North American Independent Rock Musics Awards (NAIRMA), for Most Outstanding Song in the 2016 ceremony, which they won.

“This was the highlight of our career to be able to accept one of their most prestigious awards at the end of the night was a surreal moment,” Christensen said.  

Just this year, the band came out with their EP, which stands for extended play meaning it’s not an album,  “House Of Glass,” that consists of five songs including the self titled track, “House Of Glass.” The song already has over 46,000 downloads on Spotify and the music video also has over 10,000 views on YouTube.

Many fans are happy with the EP, but they are hoping for a second album in the near future. It may be closer than they think.

“We are taking a bit of time off from touring to just relax,” Christensen said. “We do have some new stuff in the works, but can’t share too much more information on that yet.”

Screaming For Silence’s fame is only going up and they won’t stop until the get to the very top of the hard rock scene.