Just-Ice for Batman

New Installment in the DC universe


Cody Bennett, Staff Writer

DC Comics factor out another movie just six months after the standalone movie Wonder Woman which makes it two movies this year and a Justice League Part 2 coming out in 2019.

The new installment in the DC universe, Justice League, made a promising, fulfilling movie and turned it into a filler to bring in more money. With the new installment, the heroes we are given have very little backstory to what we were expecting with all of the different heroes from all different backgrounds.

Steppenwolf is named as the antagonist in the movie, a 7 foot tall, hell-ridden goat trying to fulfill one purpose, to transform the Earth into his home world and wiping the entire human race with it. Steppenwolf with only one movie and only about an hour of screen time does not set up a disgusting, hateable villain like we are used to in the DC universe like The Joker or Harley Quinn.  

Director Zack Snyder is most renown for his action, superhero, and science fiction films. Given a 300 million USD budget making it the second most expensive movie ever made. Although, that didn’t last long, as a horrific tragedy took place in the making of the film as Snyder’s 20 year old daughter overdosed and died in March of this year, stepping down to be with his family, giving the responsibility to Avengers director and writer Joss Whedon. Which impacted the movie as Whedon usually works with heroes with more artificial superpowers which then reflected on the movie as the angles that were promised during the trailer were not in the movie.

The first half hour of this two hour film is the introduction of the five heroes with very little backstory for any of them at the time, especially for The Flash and Aquaman which I was very disappointed with since I am a big fan of The Flash TV series. Most heroes didn’t need any though as the movie Wonder Woman was released six months before present day, Batman v. Superman about a year and a half before as well as giving half of the League backstory they so desperately needed.

If you come for this movie looking for a rock solid plot line with good DC lore, you will be leaving very disappointed. I will give it to the creators, some jokes in the movie are funny, like when The Flash ends up laying on Wonder Woman then quickly getting up with his super speed trying not to make it awkward. But DC goes a little overboard with the jokes as almost all superhero movies do these days which left me feeling disappointed that we get barely any backstory from the creators that know all about these heroes.

Overall, Justice League was filled with predictable slow-motion action scenes, heroes that we barely have any backstory on if you don’t read comics or watch TV shows like The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman which left my family, second guessing about their past and future and finally, A supervillain that we don’t really love to hate like the ones we’ve had in the other movies like for example, The Joker or his sidekick Harley Quinn.   

 (2 out of 5 stars)