Wildcat wit brings victory

The Forensics Team takes home a victory


Cameron McCubbins, Staff Reporter

On Saturday, Dec. 10, the Millard West Forensics team went to the Creighton Prep Pecking Order competition, taking home the title of sweepstakes champion. 

Freshman Gwenivere Smith came third place and won the title of top novice for her solo speech in Entertainment, as well as both her and Kalista Koubsky getting third place and the title of top novice for their duo interpretation speech. She was quite nervous for both of them. 

“It was really nerve racking at first,” freshman Gwenivere Smith said. “But I had done it a few times before.”

But entertainment was not the only subject that the Forensics team covered. They had made speeches with themes such as informative, dramatic and impromptu. One such speech was on current events, spoken by freshman Gary Hao. He had plenty of help from those around him. 

“My speeches were about current events,” freshman Gary Hao said. “I worked with my coaches and my other teammates and used their feedback to improve.”

The coaches should not go unmentioned. It’s them with their advice and wisdom that gives the kids the ability to win games. Coach Jennifer Jerome helps the students to be as good as they are by telling them what they do wrong during practices. 

“Team members will come in and run their speech and we’ll give critique either at the conclusion of their performance or we’ll do what we call stop&gos,” coach Jennifer Jerome said. “Where we stop them right when they make a mistake and correct it then.”

The Forensics team will continue working hard and studying so they can win more duels.