Feeling at home

TikTok sensation gives audience anticipated album


Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone UK

21-year-old artist PinkPantheress performing her new EP at Lollapalooza

Bowie Zekpa, Staff Reporter

With her uprise to music and fame, English singer, songwriter and record producer Vicky Beverly Walker, professionally known as PinkPantheress, released her three song EP “Take me home” on Dec. 16, 2022. In the short but sweet EP, she discusses the story of a sort of unrequited relationship.

PinkPantheress began her growth to the public light by the social media app TikTok. In 2020, she introduced snippets of her self produced songs on the platform. With her short one to two minute songs gaining traction quickly, mainly people pleaded for her songs to be released professionally on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. A little more than a year later, PinkPantheress released her first single titled “Pain,” which is still her most popular song today with over 244 million streams on Spotify alone.

The first song on the EP is titled “Boy’s a liar.” Diving deeper into the lyrics of the song, we can quickly discover that type of emotion it conveys. The song talks about the aftermath of a situation where there are constantly feelings of not being good enough and like the significant other only wants to be seen with you when they feel like it. The pre-chorus of the song discusses the singer’s confused feelings of ‘why cry when the beginning was never good’ going along with the notion of if the relationship was never going well, was anything even lost? The chorus of the song repeats the title of “the boy’s a liar” reiterating the fact that there was never any love in the relationship to begin with.

“Do you miss me?” is the second song on the EP. The overall theme of this song is liking another person but knowing they’re unattainable. In the case of “Do you miss me?” said person is unavailable because their true feelings are for someone else. PinkPantheress talks about seeing them actively cheat on her but not acknowledging it, almost letting it slide solely because she doesn’t want to lose this person. The common phrase ‘the other woman’ was described as the overall feeling of this song.

The third and final song is “Take me home.” This song takes a turn on the other songs on the EP. This song is about a kind of growth and the future of her life. The matching beat has a sort of futuristic vibe matching with the sense of the song. The overall message of this song is PinkPantheress sharing her feelings about not being ready to age. She spent so much of her life prepared to be young till the end of time knowing that wasn’t going to be the case. Not knowing the future holds made PinkPantheress have feelings of worry and anxiety.

PinkPantheress’ songs have always been shorter than the usual song but it’s what keeps so many listeners hooked. They have a short upbeat feel that makes people not be able to help but listen to the song a few times. Having the short tune stuck in their heads waiting for the next song to release. Her growth throughout just two years has been immense. Going from just posting samples on TikTok, to going on her first tour this year.