Appreciating student’s heritage

Celebrating the months with cherishing different cultures


photo by Leah Pickhinke

This month’s display shows information posted about National Native American Month. “We hope this will allow our school as a community to be more aware of months and groups we should celebrate,” sophomore Skylar Johnson said. “More people need to learn about different cultures and this is a great opportunity to stop and look at the displays and learn something new.”

Leah Pickhinke, Staff Reporter

In the month of November, Justice & Diversity league celebrates Native American heritage month along with National French Week. Both J&DL and the French club will share the display presented in the hallway for everyone to see and read.

Justice & Diversity league is a club that does projects around the school and community to help the environment to become a more inclusive place. Justice & Diversity League also volunteers in the community several times each year, whether that’s cleaning up the campus or spending time at the Food Bank for the Heartland. Their main goal is to provide education and direct action to improve the community. 

“Our main objectives in creating our displays are to educate students and staff members about a variety of cultures or groups that often get left behind in history curricula and give greater visibility to the people these cultures represent,” Justice & Diversity League sponsor Brant Bull said. “We want students and staff members to be able to stop for a moment and learn something about the multicultural nature of our community.”

The league hung banners and posters and put them in the halls in order to make everyone feel celebrated and appreciated. The main purpose is to honor people’s heritage and let them know they’re cared about at the school.  

This month’s display will be for the people of Native American heritage and people wanting to learn more about it. A collection of photos from famous celebrities and major influences will be hung, along with in-depth information about it.

For French week, J&DL decided on sharing the display with the French club for a taste of what is called educational multiculturalism.

“We plan each year’s display over the course of a few weekly meetings,” junior Lili G. Chavez said. “We use information and visual elements that club members have created over the last several years and then add new things when necessary, or when information or statistics change due to new research.”

Justice & Diversity League also volunteers in our community several times each year, whether that’s cleaning up the campus or spending time at the Food Bank for the Heartland. They believe in education and direct action to improve the community. 

J&DL also participates in the Anti-Defamation League’s No Place For Hate program, which includes an annual student workshop and accreditation as a No Place For Hate school if accomplished several activities that bring students together to reduce prejudice, discrimination, and bullying in school.

“This year JDL is actually doing a new project where we are selling bracelets,” junior Maggie Scott said. “Our goal is to make bracelets that celebrate the month we are celebrating through use of colors that go with the month. We plan to then donate our profit to an organization that supports the group being celebrated during that month. We’re all super excited about our new project.”

Justice & Diversity League invites any student who believes in the goals of reducing prejudice and educating people about multiculturalism to join them at their weekly meetings Tuesdays after school in Room 253.