Brave and Greedy for riches

A fun multiplayer brawler for online and couch co-op


Photo Courtesy of Steam

Bravery and Greed is a fun multiplayer brawler game about four adventurers trying to discover the riches of the dwarven fortress.

Ariana Griffin, Catalyst Online Editor-in-Chief

Bravery and Greed is an adventure brawler game, a side scroller made by Rekka Games. When I first started playing it I realized fast that I enjoyed the gameplay of the Amazon character the best. Of course, there are other classes such as Rouge, Warrior and Wizard, but the Amazon’s ability for long-ranged and melee attacks evens itself out nicely. The Warrior, Rouge, and Amazon characters play relatively similarly, while the Wizard has an odd sort of take on it. I had played each one of the characters before I played the Wizard and they all had the same feel. The Wizard was completely different.

When using long-ranged attacks with the Wizard you spawn a separate being that attacks for you, so you can remain far away while it defeats enemies for you. This would be great if the enemies targeted it instead of you. Trying to fight off enemies that are near you is difficult because you have to constantly switch between having your creature out or having him back as your staff (because that’s what he is, your staff). Even though his gameplay isn’t my favorite, it’s still a fun little difference between the rest of the characters. I love watching his creature bounce around the area destroying anything in its way.

The game isn’t very long, offering four bosses before the dwarven sky fortress. It makes sense considering the short and vague plot given at the beginning. Four adventurers are told about this fortress where the dwarves keep all of their gold and riches. The adventurers find these four runes, defeat the creatures holding them, and open the door for their riches.

It’s definitely a game for multiple players, whether that be couch co-op or online co-op. Playing it alone is not only more difficult, but it’s also kind of boring. After seeing the starting screen with a potential of four players, all you want to do is play with more people. At each guardian stone, as I like to call it, there are four different runes you can choose from and once you choose yours that’s the one you use for the rest of the game. Darkness, Order, Chaos and Life; which match the four runes you’re trying to find. These abilities can go to each different player as they move through the game with their chosen rune abilities. There are plenty of fun puzzles and content in each of the dungeons, offering different gear, parkour, and other fun quirks. Every so often you’ll find a cursed book or a bubbling cauldron that you can interact with. These things may have either a positive or negative effect on you, but you won’t know until you try to read the book or drink from the cauldron. 

A nice touch I thought was in single-player gameplay, you can save either wolves or people from within the dungeons and they’ll help you until they inevitably die. I remember the first time I saved a wolf, and his name was Wulf so I thought that was the name of the creature species in general. I went around killing enemies with him before he tragically died from a skeleton and his body just laid there in the cave waters.

Rest in peace Wulf.

I didn’t realize that all the wolves were named different things until I found another one and its name was Astrud. I was very sad that I couldn’t have Wulf back, but that’s how it happens I suppose. 

The game also has different features such as PvP and Survival modes, hinting at the multiplayer gameplay.

All in all, the game was very enjoyable and fun. I love brawler games so this game was right up my alley. It may get repetitive over some time because it only has four bosses, but experiencing each dungeon with friends is fun all in itself.


9/10 stars.