Is R Taco really OUR taco?

New Mexican restaurant gives customers a new enjoyable environment



New taco location for the Omaha area

Michael Bartholomew, Staff Reporter

Located off 204th Street near ACX Cinema, a new R taco location opened up to the public. This is the chain’s third Omaha metro area location, and they plan to continue to grow.

On Monday, I headed over to R Taco to see what It is all about. The menu offers numerous different unique combinations including tacos, nachos, bowls and other Mexican favorites.

When I walked up to order I decided to keep it simple and test the steak tacos. The price was hefty as three tacos cost me just around $15.00. Although I asked for cheese on all three of my tacos I only received it on two. I thought the meat tasted fresh, and I thought the tortillas were overall great. I waited about 10 minutes for my food to come out but with the great and friendly environment that was just fine. The kitchen was very open and I could watch them cook my food. This was enjoyable. I also noticed how clean, and organized they kept everything. While the presentation of my meal was quite unappealing, the solid first bite left me overall surprised, and happy to continue with my meal. For about $5.00 a taco, I thought they were extremely small, but still had a great taste.

From the outside of R taco, to the inside, the exquisite amount of friendliness, and cleanliness was enjoyable. On the outside, the building had a modern-day vibe to it which grabbed my attention, and hooked me straight in. Flipping courses indoors, the hanging pictures, beautiful neon lights, and whole wall paintings was a wonderful sight to admire, and enjoy during dinner. While I may be underage, I couldn’t stop myself from praising the bar, from the multi-side hanging TV screens, to cool and creative pictures, and great selections for adults, the bar was top-tier. The colorful chairs, mix of high and low tables and booths, and openness of the whole joint was incredible, and provided a great environment for families to have a nice night out.

Another positive was the great service and the friendly staff. They greeted me kindly and made sure to get my food out in a timely manner and offer me sauce. I thought that the small wait time, although they had to freshly cook my food, was impressive. The restaurant also was absurdly clean, every single table in the place was spotless, and the bathrooms were nice too.

Overall the place had its strengths, and its weaknesses. I would definitely go back, but with the wild prices, it would have to be a once in a while type of thing. R Taco prevailed through their weaknesses with the outstanding environment, and solid tasting food. The friendliness, and vibe of the place makes it a classic restaurant. While there are quite a few Mexican places I would prefer over R taco due to price, and taste. R taco proverbs a great up and coming place that will continue to improve over time. I have high hopes for what R Taco can, and will become for the future and I do recommend trying it. All in all I rate R Taco about a 4/5.