Copps is the real deal

The new pizza spot in Omaha did not disappoint


16 inch 5 cheese pizza from Copps was amazing.

Braden Stueve, Staff Reporter

On Sunday, Sept 25th, I made my way to the new pizza spot in town, Copps Pizza. The new Copps pizza is located on 181st in the old Applebee’s building. I heard a lot of great reviews about the new Copps pizza so I had to go give it a try.

When I first entered the building I felt at-home vibes, I was very surprised with the great scenery. Indoors the lighting is a little darker, not the lightest but I liked it because it wasn’t blinding bright in there. There are a lot of tables, and comfy seating throughout the restaurant  to go with a nicely spaced bar for people to sit and eat at. There are plenty of  tv’s so that everyone at every table can get a nice view of the various sports games that are televised there. The booth that we sat in was very comfortable and was very spacious to fit everyone.

Now onto one of the most important things that goes into a restaurant succeeding, and being a big hit, is the cleanliness. One thing that stood out to me when I got to the table was that there was a significant amount of parmesan cheese crumbs, and red pepper crumbs. That wasn’t a huge deal but they should have wiped down the table before we were seated. I saw some employees sweeping, and cleaning the glass windows so that was pleasing to know that they want a clean store. The restroom was very clean, and it was a super nice bathroom so that is always a plus. Other than the crumbs on the table overall, Copps had a pretty clean restaurant, I will give the cleanliness a 4/5. 

The most important thing that builds a restaurant’s success is customer service. When I first walked into Copps pizza I was greeted by a very nice gentleman who took us to our table and told us our waiter would be out in a minute. Then when our server came out she greeted us and introduced herself in a very pleasant way. She would be very consistent about coming back to our table asking if we needed refills, or if we were ready to order our food. Right when we ordered our food she went back to the IPad, and she plugged our order into the system. It was very busy, and she had a lot of tables but would always come to our table. The food did not take long at all for a large pizza, and macon cheese bites, only 14 minutes. Overall we had an amazing experience with our customer service at Copps pizza so I will be giving it a rating of 5/5.

Now onto the food, we ordered a 16 inch 5 cheese pizza, and some mac n cheese bites. I will be reviewing the cheese pizza first. When the pizza arrived we were amazed with how big it was, and how good it looked. The breading, and crust was perfect. The bread was so soft, but not soggy, and the crust was perfectly crunchy. The Sauce was a perfect combo to the cheese, and the bread. Now onto the best part of the pizza, the cheese, it was so stretching and would just melt in my mouth. They put so much cheese on our pizza, and I am not complaining because it was so flavorful and tasty. I think Copps has the best pizza in Omaha, so for that reasoning I will be rating it a 5/5.

The second thing that we got was there highly reviewed and liked mac n cheese bites. There were honestly not a lot of cheese bites that came in the serving, and they were relatively small. They came with a very unique, and flavorful sauce to dip them in. The mac bites just exploded with flavor in my mouth, and you could tell they were cooked to perfection. The mac bites were amazing but they didn’t come with that much, and they were not big so i will be giving them a 4/5.

The last thing that I will be talking about is the pricing of everything. The 5 cheese 16 inch pizza was $22.99, I feel like the price is just right for how big and good the pizza was. Now onto the mac bites, they were $8.99. I personally think that is overpriced because there was not that much in the basket, and they were also pretty small. I also got a 24 oz fountain soda which was $2.99, and it was refillable so I think that the pricing is perfect on that. 

Copps pizza was amazing, the cleanliness was good, the customer service was great, the pizza was perfect, and the mac bites were solid. I believe that Copps has the best pizza in the metro. If you are ever in the area I highly suggest that you stop in with friends, and family. Overall I will be giving Copps pizza a 4.7/5.