A taste of Pickleman’s

A well-known sandwich chain comes to Millard


photo by Nathan Buroker

Pickelman’s recently opened near Millard West and has become a popular place for both students and staff

Nathan Buroker, Staff Reporter

When I heard that the Jimmy John’s off of 168th and Harrison was moving locations, I was devastated. The Jimmy John’s brought so much enthusiasm because of the fact that it was a go to spot for junior’s now that we could leave for lunch.

After months anticipation of what was coming into the old location, the wait was worthwhile. On Friday, Sept 2, 2022, the long anticipated wait was over. Picklemans was open for business. 

When I walked into the sandwich shop the smell of bread being toasted with fresh toppings was apparent and blew my mind. The menu is stacked with all sorts of arrangements including sandwiches, salads, pizza and soup. The price of the sandwich was normal ($7.79), as most sandwich shops have around the same prices, but the pizza was a little more expensive than I thought it would be ($10.49). I still decided to try because I had to see what had replaced a fan favorite around Millard.

Right off the bat, my experience was better than anything I’d gotten from Jimmy John’s. The workers were enthusiastic to be at their job and answering any questions I had with sincerity whether it was a recommendation or a simple question.. The sandwiches were made fast and also had the option to be toasted which is important to me because sandwiches are so much better toasted.

The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich was a great try for my first time at the sandwich shop. The bread was crunchy and had a big portion of chicken on the sandwich. The sandwich had just the right amount of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing adding a kick to the flavor. The toppings on the sandwich were lettuce and I added pickles because unlike many other sandwich shops, their toppings were free to add. The sandwich also had blue cheese crumbles which at times were a little strong for my tastebuds. I felt myself picking off huge clumps of crumbles in between every bite which was very unappealing to the sandwich. Without the blue cheese this would’ve been an exceptional sandwich.

The next thing I tried was the Pepperoni Pizza, the most basic pizza besides the cheese. I was drawn to this pizza because of the fact I am a sucker for thin crust, I can never get enough of a thin crust pizza. And right of the bat the pizza excelled in the crust factor. The thin crust was so crunchy and a little burnt so it made for a great wood fired taste that you would get from a high class pizza restaurant. The supply of pepperoni was great, filling almost every inch of the pie. To top it all off the pizza had a butt load of perfectly melted cheese to make a delicious well-rounded pizza.

As well as the food, Picklemans met my expectations in every other category. It is apparent that the sandwich chain has exceptional service and cleanliness. The workers answered questions with hospitality and cleaned the tables after every customer was done eating.

All the menu items I tried were great, from the tenderness of the chicken on my sandwich, to the charred thin crust on my pizza is what I would no doubt recommend. There is no doubt that I will be having Picklemans again some time soon.