Bananas for Minions

Recently released film bring fans of all ages together

Recently released film, Minions: Rise of Gru left fans laughing in their seats.

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Recently released film, Minions: Rise of Gru left fans laughing in their seats.

Nathan Buroker, Staff Reporter

With a tribe of henchmen, a gallery of villainous gadgets, and an evil mind like no other, you would think Gru (Steve Carell) would have everything under control at such a young age. Little did he know that stealing an ancient artifact would lead to the most villainous adventure of his life.

Released in July of 2022, “Minions: The Rise of Gru” follows the trilogy as the fifth installment. The kid-friendly film follows the story of Gru before he was the infamous animated villain we know him as today.


At the beginning of the film, it commences with the introduction of the Vicious Six, led by Wild Knuckles (Alan Arkin). The Vicious Six is described as the most devious villain league in the entire world. The viewers are first introduced to Belle Bottom (Taraji P. Henson) when she is on a chase by the Anti-Villain League (AVL).

She resumes back to the Vicious Six headquarters with a map that will lead them to The Zodiac Stone. They immediately start off on their quest to southeast Asia where the stone is located. They arrive in Asia and Wild Knuckles goes to the entrance of where The Zodiac Stone is perceived to be. Guarded by a waterfall, Wild Knuckles turns the heads of the two dragons and a pathway opens within the waterfall. He is quick to go into the entrance and is met with an avalanche of traps leading to the stone. 

Once he gets to the throne where the stone is located, he carefully launches at it but is met with obstacles of golden chachki’s armed with weapons. Once escaped, the Vicious Six pick him up by rope from their flying car, he is pulled up and after Belle Bottom takes The Zodiac Stone. They explain to Wild Knuckles that it is time for a new leader of the Vicious Six. The newly advanced Vicious Six drop Wild Knuckles in the ocean and fly off without him.

The film cuts to Gru and his Minions (Pierre Coffin) being mischievous and causing havoc around town. Stink bombing the movie theater, hacking the arcade games, and cheese raying people for free ice cream. This part of the film is enjoyable to see what Gru was doing at a young age because now the viewers see why he was closed off in the beginning of the “Despicable Me” trilogy.

Gru arrives home after a long day of villaining and opens the mail to find a tape from the Vicious Six. He jumps into his mom’s car to listen to the highly anticipated recording. The tape has information of when and where he can audition for the Vicious Six now that Wild Knuckles is ditched. He reports back inside to his newly finished evil lair and tells his tribe of Minions. Ecstatically as ever they celebrate the news and go to bed fantasizing about the dream of joining the Vicious Six.

The film then plays a video on the VNC (Villain Network Channel), saying what the Vicious Six plan to do with The Zodiac Stone. Their plan is to unleash the powers of the stone at midnight of the Chinese New Year. I did not expect nor like this part of the film because it felt very random on why they picked the Chinese New Year to release the stones on. In any of the films, there has been no mention of anything sentimental to do with the Chinese New Year.

After the VNC is finished playing, Wild Knuckles appears still alive on the screen in his mansion in San Francisco awaiting his next move.

In the morning anxious as ever, Gru jumps out of bed and gets ready for his interview with his idols, the Vicious Six. When arrived at Criminal Records he is greeted at the door by Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), and is given his first gadget. I love this touch in the movie because the viewers see how the two amazing criminal minds meet which eventually leads to their partnering.

When inside Criminal Records, Gru gives Dr. Nefario the secret code which leads him into a broken down record booth.  Gru is given the CD “your no good,” and reverses the tape on the record player, a message from Belle Bottom is played and when finished, the floor drops. The record booth which is actually an elevator opens and Gru is joined by many of the other villains waiting for their interview with the Vicious Six.

Shortly after waiting, Gru’s name is called. He enters the room where the Vicious Six are waiting. The minute he opens his mouth he is constantly making a fool of himself. The Vicious Six turn him down and when he is walking away they are making fun of and mocking him. This sequence of the film was very relatable because as a kid all you want is to be treated equally and fairly by your superiors.

After being turned away, Gru couldn’t even take a step back before another villain was presenting in front of the Vicious Six. Mad and disappointed Gru steals The Zodiac Stone with the help of Dr. Nefario’s gadget. After being in possession of the stone, outside of Criminal Records awaits four of Gru’s Minions ready to help him escape. They quickly drive off but the Vicious Six are high on their tale. This scene in the film is highly active which is good for a kid-friendly film, it adds a lot of excitement.

Halfway through the chase Gru ditches Otto, one of his four Minions, and tells him to meet them back at his evil lair with the stone. 

Gru gets away from the Vicious Six and is met by Otto and all his other Minions. Gru is hysterical about the fact that he just stole an ancient artifact from the most devious villains in the world. He asks Otto for the stone and he pulls out a rock with googly eyes. Furious by the fact Otto failed him, Gru kicks out all of his Minions and quickly leaves to go receive the stone by himself. This scene was sad for the fans because the film plays flashbacks upon flashbacks on how the Minions came to be his henchman.

Adding to the emotion of the scene, Gru walks alone in the rain to retrieve the stone when a dark haunting van comes by to sweep him up.

Gru wakes up in front of the face of Wild Knuckles. He is wildly harping at Gru to give him the stone and won’t believe him when he says he doesn’t have it. Wild Knuckles calls the Minions and they are noted that if they don’t get the stone to his house in San Francisco in two days, Gru is dead.

The next part of the film is very chaotic. Between the Vicious Six raiding Gru’s house, Otto rushing to get The Zodiac Stone back, Gru and Wild Knuckles bonding, and the other Minions learning kung fu from Master Chow (Michelle Yeoh), the film feels very confusing because of all of the jump cuts.

The film de-escalates from the chaos when Gru and Wild Knuckles come back to Wild Knuckles house and find it destroyed. After a pep-talk from Gru, he and Wild Knuckles go to the Chinese New Year Celebration. They come into contact with the Minions and Otto gives them back the stone. Quickly after the Vicious Six arrive to the party and take the stone back. The AVL shows up and thinks they have the situation after control. The clock strike twelve and the powers of The Zodiac are unleashed and the Vicious Six turn into some of the most vicious apex predators. 

The fight begins, and Belle Bottom evens the odds by enhancing the Minions with the powers of The Zodiac Stone. With the help from Master Chow the Minions find the power within them and unleash their rage on the Vicious Six. In the battle, Wild Knuckles is badly injured. He is taken away mid-fight leaving the battle uneven. At the end of the day, Gru steals the stone back and takes back the powers of everyone including the Minions. The Vicious Six are arrested by the AVL and taken away for good.

This film was filled with adventure, humorous moments, and a great plot. I always enjoy learning the backstory of characters in the cinematic world because the viewers get to see where they originated from, but also what they we’re like at a young age. Seeing the emotional ride as well as the love-hate relationships from Gru and the Minions was very apparent.