Asgardian Adventure

The Tale of Love and Thunder


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Thor Love and Thunder an outstanding film in 2022 by Kevin Feige

Colin Ribaya, Staff Reporter

I was anticipating the reveal at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2021 Kevin Feige introduced the multiversal phase 4 timeline for the new marvel movies coming out in the 2022 summer year. The new upcoming film Feige announced was Thor love and thunder. The film sparked my eyes as the last marvel movie Feige produced was Thor Ragnarok which left us on a cliffhanger if there would be another Thor movie. Knowing this I was following the hype for the movie coming out and the interesting characters, the plot, and the storyline the movie will follow.

(Warning Spoilers Ahead)

Thor takes off on an Asgardian journey to find his inner peace between his hero’s side with the Guardians Of The Galaxy to his normal life as a human. Along the way, he recruits some old friends from the previous movies Korg (Taika Waititi), King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), and his ex-girlfriend, a major character from the previous Thor movies Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). As the squad of new Asgard heroes is adventuring through the cosmic space they are questioned and stopped by Gorr the god butcher (Christian Bale) as he is slaying ALL the gods that Thor knows and loves. Thor is questioning the fact. why he’s doing this destruction, as he embarks on his cosmic journey with the new Asgard heroes they are going to uncover the secret of Gorr’s vengeance

Wishing to be with her daughter once more, Gorr now realizes that the gods don’t care and don’t protect their people. Knowing this, Gorr picks up the necromancer sword and is cursed with its dark power. Gorr then starts slaying all the gods we know in the Marvel universe as he does this thor gets Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) a distress call as he arrives he sees Falligar the Behemoth the god of immortal champions thor we best friends with dead. As he sees this he changes his emotions and goes to New Asgard to report this problem to the jury.

In Thor Love and Thunder, one of my favorite aspects of filmmaking was the CGI effects that are displayed through the characters in the movie. In one of the scenes at the beginning where we see Gorr talking to the god Rapu when they zoom in on the flowers in the back, we see the god of flowers. I liked how they used the CGI effects to make the flowers bigger in this scene and how they displayed the function of a person as the flowers are talking and following them as a person would. Also, they used CGI to make it seem like the flowers had emotions, When Gorr scared the flowers as they flowed up and fell to the ground as a person got slayed.

Thor then goes to Omnipotence city where all the gods go to talk or have parties as they arrive they are greeted by celestials. I thought it was so cool they added celestials, the last movie they had celestials present was in Eternals. Adding an easter egg to the film caught my eye, wanting to watch it over and over again. They see all gods from different planets in the universe all around the gold-stained dripped colosseum. We then get introduced to Zeus in an introduction of him throwing his lightning bolt and catching it behind his back. Thor isn’t surprised by the fact that he is way stronger than Zeus in the movie. An epic fight goes down between Thor and Zeus‘ gold minions where Thor then gets shown bodiless with no clothes all the ladies faint on top of the cloud Zeus is on praising him. Thor goes beast mode and turns into a lighting god grabs Zeus‘ lighting bolt and throws it right at him killing him but he’s not dead since he did not aim for the head as the other marvel movies reference this saying. They head out of Omnipotence city on Aegir, their Bifrost Viking boat that can travel anywhere in the universe to the shadow realm where they meet well as he is holding captive kids from new Asgard.

At a glimpse, I noticed when the camera panned and zoomed in on an Old Kronan God the way Waititi talked in the film reminded me of a Southern California tone in the voice. The way they interact is interesting, the ways they show that for a god made of rocks. Also, another thing that caught my eye was in one of the scenes an old Kronan God was sitting on an iron throne of scissors. This reminded me of “Game of Thrones”, how it looks just like the throne in the show just made out of scissors. The throne is scissors and the rock sitting on top of the throne is scissors rock beats scissors.

The effects and costume design caught my eye throughout the movie. I loved it when they showed Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess which is shown in the Black Panther movie, seeing a glimpse of her and what is to come in Wakanda forever. This movie to me would be a movie I would watch over and over again since there are a lot of cameos and easter eggs. I love these movies that show and display and make you look for them in each clip. What I would have implemented in the movie would be Gorr fighting Thor on Mount Olympus lighting shown in the background.

The music behind the film was interesting playing “Sweet Child O Mine” (Guns and Roses) at some epic clips. When Thor gives the kids his power from Odin and the kids turn into demigods with lighting powers and absolute obliterate Gorr’s minions which were so so creative. Also, the part where Thor goes to Omnipotence City and a fight breaks loose and Zeus commands his minions to kill Thor. It feels like an action mission to steal Zeus’ lightning bolt and get out of there the music fits right in with the beat and the scenes.

Overall, I loved the way the movie was designed and how they incorporate all the mythical gods from different realms and planets in the Marvel universe. This shows us as the audience that the film is displaying a different style of marvel movie being produced. The characters are especially well designed with their costumes. When they arrive on Aegir to Omnipotence City where they meet all the gods. It was hilarious that they created a Dumpling God, he was a cheerful god with mini dumpling children around him. Adding this to the film shows the ways Feige can take a twist on making any film he produces hilarious to the audience.