Nope Is dope

A thriller movie with a Sci-Fi twist


Photo courtesy of IMB

“Nope” was popular director Jordan Peele’s third film to come out in his cinematography.

Michael Bartholomew, Staff Reporter

Starring actors Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yuen and actress Keke Palmer, “Nope” was released to theaters on July 22, 2022, where it immediately drew the attention of many audiences. Including me.

“Nope” is Jordan Peele’s third movie in his cinematography,  and was very highly anticipated by Peele fans, and horror fans as well. His first two movies “Get Out” and “Us” were absolute hits to fans everywhere so the expectations for “Nope” were high. 


“Nope” starts out with O.J. Haywood, short for Otis Jr. (Kaluuya), a farm boy living in rural California, dealing with a tragic event of his father’s death, trying to take over the family business “Hollywood Horses” to use horses for movies . All of the sudden his sister, Emerald  ( Palmer), comes back home, and things get even crazier.  The film focuses on random, Sci-fi-like occurrences that add to the interesting yet scary events that take place. In the Sci-fi story telling, I really enjoyed “Nope” and how it included extraterrestrial-like objects throughout. Other actors like Steven Yuen as Ricky, owner of Jupiter Ranch, not too far away from O.J. ‘s home. And  Perea, as Angel Torres, a pesky electronic store worker who helps O.J., and Emerald set up security cameras across the pasture to hopefully catch the strange events that were causing horses, and other items to magically disappear. I really enjoyed how Angel’s  character arc develops throughout the movie, and he becomes an enjoyable sight to see, throwing in funny moments, and just overall helping the movie go along. 

“Nope” use’s sections throughout the movie, for example each section could be taken as a chapter in a book.  Each chapter was named after a horse, and the mysterious events that have happened to each horse. One negative from the film was how long it took to put it together, the build up was for sure suspenseful, but took over an hour and a half to explain.

The film ran about 2 hours and 16 minutes, with the first about 90 minutes gradually introducing the characters’ back stories, and building up to the whole main event of the final 45 minutes. Leading into the final 45 minutes, O.J., Emerald and Angel, created a plan to take down what was hurting so many people, and animals, by using colored flags to grab the attention of the alien-like UFO item floating around over their pasture, and all in all take it down.

Every time the UFO came around, all electronics blew out, so O.J. and Emerald called one of their dad’s past friends and asked for help. The friend Antlers Holst (Michael Wincott), has non- electric cameras and offers to help. “ It was the least I could do,” he added on the phone call to Emerald. They called Holst’s idea the “impossible shot” and the name lived up to the hype as the UFO swooped him, and one of the camera’s up with it.

Personally, I enjoyed the way the movie moves along from start to finish, using highly suspenseful and interesting yet confusing moments to lead up to the big ending of taking down the UFO. The way you could see the relief in other viewers’ eyes, really showed how hooked Peele can get you into his production.

In “Nope” one thing you will realize is how phenomenal the sound effects were. In the scene when Ricky’s entire show got picked up by the UFO, the effects and bass in the theater really added suspense and overall made the movie better. Plus, you could really see the detail of the inside of the ship, where they were taken.

Overall, I would highly recommend this movie to any movie lovers who love a suspenseful, action filled thriller/horror movie. While watching the movie they keep you intrigued with funny moments, usually between characters Angel, and Emerald. This movie is honestly like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and if you really enjoy  Sci-fi and horror events you should immediately go and watch.