Fantastic flop

The trilogy of the “Fantastic Beasts” movie has come out


Photo courtesy of IMDb

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore was released on April 15, 2022.

Kira Perez, Staff Reporter

The wizarding world series is known and loved around the world. The prequel of the “Harry Potter” series, “Fantastic Beasts”, has recently released its third movie. 

The Fantastic Beasts movies are centered around the main character Newt Scamander and many others. Being a prequel to the “Harry Potter” series, these movies may fill in any missing information from the events in “Harry Potter” movies. 

While watching this movie, I found that there was way too much going on. Like the other films, it’s like multiple movies in a movie. There are so many different things happening that you almost wonder how this relates to the plot in the first place. You follow Newt Scamander trying to protect a chillen, one of the creatures in the wizarding world, so the election for the new Minister of Magic is not rigged. Just like the other movies, you honestly do need to see the other movies for this one to make sense. This movie is already super confusing on its own, if you haven’t seen the other movies prior, this would make no sense.

I felt this movie was boring and didn’t tell the story, that was supposed to be happening, very well. There were so many minor things within the actual plot that was supposed to be happening. It was hard to differentiate between what was useful to the plot, and what was supposed to be events just happening simply for this movie. I think that it was hard to tell because almost everything in the movie was so serious, the only exception being the character Jacob Kowalski, who is the only funny character in these movies. The plot of this film is just so dull and hard to catch onto unless you can solely focus on the screen for two hours. I did like the visuals of the movie though, the quality of the film was great and looked cool, it is disappointing that the plot didn’t live up to the great visuals of the movie.

This movie was just really unentertaining and something I would play in the background while I go to sleep. There was no story being told well enough for most people to catch onto. Nothing in this movie caught my interest and I didn’t feel the urge to keep watching. This movie also lacked the magic you would expect in a wizard movie. The film was mainly about interactions that happened while trying to stop Grindelwald from becoming the Minister. I felt like the actual main character, Newt Scamander, was pushed aside and the new main character was Dumbledore. Though this movie was going to be about Dumbledore, the movie followed him but the only secret was him being secretive and no other secret was revealed.

Despite all the downsides of the movie, the actors were amazing. The actors did a great job with their characters. Though Johnny Depp wasn’t Grindelwald in this movie, I think that Mads Mikkelsen was a great Grindelwald and fit the role perfectly. He fits the role of a villain perfectly, and I would love to see him in more villain roles in the future. I think that the acting made me enjoy the movie more, but overall the story was not great and the acting was great just not enough to save the movie.

After reading reviews of the movie, I found that many critics agree with me. The story was just too confusing and boring. The rating for the movie was 3.4 stars. Lots thought that the movie would be enjoyable if you didn’t care about the plot too much. I also found that everyone agrees, you do need to see the previous movies or this movie wouldn’t make any sense at all.

After watching the movie, I wasn’t excited like movies usually make you feel. If someone asked me what the movie was about, I definitely would not be able to give a proper answer. This movie was super dull, it lacked the charm of the other movies in the series and didn’t live up to the expectation of the other “Fantastic Beasts” or “Harry Potter” movies. I wouldn’t recommend this movie unless you feel like falling asleep for two hours.