Daily boost of repulsion

A new drink shop opens up in Omaha


Sophia Condello

This is the Strawberry Cheesecake Shake from “Daily Boost.”

Sophia Condello, Staff Reporter

After hearing my friend rave about this new drink place, Daily Boost, it sounded too good to miss out on. Daily Boost is a tea-based, and protein shake shop located on 165 and Q Street. The shop opened in mid-December of 2021. 

My friend had had almost every drink on the menu and she loved every single one of them, not to mention how aesthetically pleasing the drinks were. It seemed like a great place to get a tasty beverage.

While walking into the store, a lot of things captured my attention. There was a beautiful art wall with lots of interesting drawings on it like cars and instruments. On the other wall, was a hand-written menu with over 30 options. I got the Strawberry Cheesecake Shake, and my friend got the Peach Ring Drink. 

When I took my first sip of the shake, I was immediately taken aback. The texture felt chunky and too wet. The taste was nothing to write home about because there was barely any. The only flavor I got was a  pasty, chalky taste.  I honestly could not even finish the six-dollar drink after a few sips. It tasted like I chugged a spoon full of protein powder. When I realized I just wasted my money and destroyed my tastebuds, I tried my friend’s drink to see if it was any better. Although his was a lot prettier, it was way too tangy. For a drink that’s tea-based, I wasn’t getting any hint of tea. There was also a bad aftertaste of orange. The peach ring drink is one of their most popular flavors, so I was very surprised that it was so distasteful.

This is the Peach Ring Tea drink from “Daily Boost.” (Quinn Burton)

After receiving the drink from the kind barista behind the counter, she asked us if we wanted to be featured on their Daily Boost Instagram story. She said that they do that with every customer that comes in. So, after hearing about their Instagram, I decided to take a look. 

The only thing presented on the page is the different drinks they sell. They promote their products every day. Drinks are photographed either in the store or behind colored backgrounds. They have lots of “guess the name of this drink” posts, which looked fun to participate in and seem like a great way to promote new beverages. However, clearly, they’re far too concerned about their Instagram page rather than actually making drinks that taste good.

At the beginning of this year, I was hearing about a competition Daily Boost put on between Millard West and Millard South. The concept was that they would keep score of how many students from each school came to the shop to get a drink. Whichever school’s students came to the shop more, would win. This was obviously a great idea to get more customers, especially since it’s a race between two rival schools. The store even had Millard West and Millard South-inspired drinks made with each school’s colors. Ultimately, South won the competition because the store is placed directly in front of the school.

Overall, while I commend them for their fantastic advertising ideas, I wouldn’t order a drink from them if my life depended on it because they either lack flavor or have too much flavor. I give this shop a 2/5.