Giving for the good

Quality Times collect money to buy gifts for less fortunate kids during the holidays


Nolan Nemitz

Director Tiffanie McCowin and Coordinator Toni Jimenez of the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program awarded this certificate of appreciation to Millard West to show their appreciation.

Nolan Nemitz, Staff Reporter

Students all around Millard West are donating money to buy gifts for less fortunate kids during the holiday season. 

Starting before Thanksgiving Break, every Quality Time had the chance to give back. List of information about the children such as their name, age-range and what kinds of toys that they wanted were on there as well whether it be a firetruck or a Barbie.

“I do feel this is very important, especially since we did not get to participate last year,” Student Council Sponsor Mark Klein said. “This has been a Millard West tradition since the building opened and it’s nice to have it back.”

Seniors and teachers went out to different stores such as Target and Walmart, to buy gifts with the money raised from the students’ donations. Boxes of Lego bricks, remote control cars, and various toys that the children asked for were kept unwrapped and brought to Quality Time on Wednesday, Dec. 8. 

Since it was on hold last year, it was first introduced to freshman and sophomores. Any amount of money raised is helpful to help pay for the gifts. 

“It’s really nice to see all of the Quality Times come together to do something special this time of the year,” junior Zoey Crespo said. “When I went out to buy the gifts I was just in the giving mood and decided to donate to the Salvation Army.”

All of the toys from Quality Time were brought down to the band dock to then be shipped off and donated to the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. Students and teachers are looking forward to continuing the tradition for years to come.