Memorable Met Gala moments

The best and worst looks from this year’s Costume Institute benefit


Singer Rosé stands with fashion designer Anthony Vaccarello. Rosé wore a little black dress with a large white bow across the chest. Although chic, the outfit is maybe too basic for the Met Gala.

Sadie Smith, Staff Reporter

On Monday, Sep. 29, hundreds of celebrities and influencers gathered for one of the biggest fashion events of the year- the Met Gala. Formally known as the Costume Institute Gala, the annual Met Gala is the fashion world’s equivalent of the Oscars and a chance for designers, models, and celebrities to show off the most over-the-top looks of the year.  

Every year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute holds a benefit to raise money  for the annual fashion exhibit. Tickets cost at least $30,000 per attendee, which quickly adds up to millions of dollars raised each year for the exhibit. This year, attendance was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the event still managed to raise millions of dollars. 

One of the things the Met Gala is known for is its open-ended themes that always lead to ingenious designs and chic outfits. Even with COVID-19 restrictions, this year was no exception. The theme was ’In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.’ Designers took inspiration from Hollywood, football, the wild west and American traditions. 

It was clear that many looks were influenced by old Hollywood. One of my favorite looks, worn by singer Billie Eilish, was inspired by a tulle gown worn by Marilyn Monroe at the 1951 Oscars. Eilish wore a breath-taking Oscar de la Renta ball gown that was not only visually stunning but also environmentally friendly. Before agreeing to work with the Oscar de la Renta team, Eilish had them agree to discontinue the use of furs in the company. They agreed, and the company will be completely fur-free by the end of October. 

Beside Eilish’s ethical impact, the dress itself was one of the best Met Gala looks I have ever seen. The gown was elegant and fairly simple, but it still looked like it belonged at the Gala rather than an average red carpet event. I think the dress also incorporated the theme in a very tasteful way. Anyone who took one look at Eilish’s dress and bleached blonde hair would be immediately reminded of Monroe, one of the most iconic American actresses of all time. The gown also reminded me of a Barbie doll- another classic American staple. 

For as much as I adored Eilish’s look, I despised singer Camila Cabello’s ensemble to the same degree. Cabello sported a hideous two-piece outfit designed by Michael Kors and inspired by the ‘70’s New York City club scene. Cabello’s look included a sparkly purple crop top with a matching sparkly purple skirt with a slit on the leg. The outfit was atrociously tacky and looked like a costume you could buy for 20 dollars from party city. Besides being a huge eye sore, I thought the connection to the American theme wasn’t very strong. It’s hard to tell where the inspiration came from by just looking at the outfit, and even after learning about how it connects to our country, the link between the two seems weak. 

Eilish’s fabulous look and Cabello’s questionable ensemble were the two looks that stood out to me the most, but there were many other outfits that were chic and unique. Among these were Kim Kardashian’s head-to-toe black outfit that included a face covering and a train of fabric trailing behind her. Kardashian’s look was definitely interesting and thought provoking, but perhaps a little too plain for the Met Gala. 

Another disappointing look came from singer Rihanna. Rihanna also sported an all black look, but hers included a very puffy dress that was made out of a fabric that looked like a parachute. While the outfit was definitely one of a kind, I expected more color and glamour from Rihanna. 

Overall, this year’s Met Gala was one for the books. Many influencers looked absolutely stunning, while others let me down with tacky or boring ensembles.