Coffee for a cause

Local cafe provides more than delicious treats to the community


Brenna Batchelder

The Iced White Mocha at Green Beans in the largest size is somewhat an overwhelming amount of coffee, but I enjoyed every sip of it.

Brenna Batchelder, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Tucked away off of 168th and Harrison, resides a locally-owned coffee shop: Green Beans Coffee. Without a big brand company slapped on the front of the building, I decided to enter it for my daily dose of caffeine to support the local business. 

Upon entering the cozy little shop, I was welcomed by the employees working busily and posters on the wall explaining the history of the small business. Further inspection taught me about how the business was started for American Troops in Saudi Arabia. Owner and Veteran John Sievers decided to bring this coffee shop, which was started in a shipping container, to Omaha, Neb. They also had posters explaining how they support the troops overseas through donations and other acts of charity. 

After learning about the company, I approached the employees behind the counter and started to consider what I wanted. The friendly faces of the employees explained the food options they had for breakfast and lunch along with their selection of coffee. I ended up ordering one of their highly recommended Chicken Pesto Tartine, a Raspberry-Lemon Muffin and a large Iced White Mocha Latte. 

I then sat down in the well decorated lobby and appreciated the decor. The cafe featured a small kids corner filled with toys, a wall featuring community events, and a wall dedicated to troops overseas. The quiet hum of music in the background made Green Beans a perfect place to work and study. 

My appreciation for the cozy environment was interrupted by the surprisingly fast service. The barista brought over my tartine with a pickle spear on the side of the plate, the muffin and my very large coffee. The size of the coffee honestly surprised me despite seeing the size of the cup while ordering. For the price of $5.25, customers enjoy a 24 ounce coffee that isn’t filled completely with ice, like other coffee companies. Smaller sizes are available for customers who don’t desire a massive amount of caffeine for reasonable prices. 

The Raspberry-Lemon Muffin and the Chicken Pesto Tartine are popular items on the Green Beans menu. These menu items tasted as delicious as they looked when I ordered them from the local cafe. (Brenna Batchelder)

The tartine on the other hand was priced more like a meal at $9.25. It came as an open faced sandwich with chicken, pesto and other toppings. The meal also came with a choice of kettle chips. I ended up splitting the tartine due to the sheet size of it and taking part of it home. For my first ever tartine, the meal was delectable. The pesto wasn’t overpowering and worked alongside the chicken to create a delicious experience. Even reheated at my house, it was just as delicious as it was in the cafe. 

After finishing the tartine, the Raspberry-Lemon muffin that was $3.05 was worth the rather expensive price tag on it. It was a huge muffin and was baked at just the right temperature. It was soft and fluffy and I was pleasantly surprised with the local cafe’s baked goods. 

After devouring my meal and muffin, the large coffee was calling my name. After the first sip, I decided it was worth every penny. Despite being on the sweeter side of a latte, the espresso taste was still very present. Green Beans coffee offers a unique taste I haven’t received at any other coffee shop. I can’t quite tell if it’s specifically the expresso or the syrups, but either way they work cohesively to create a distinctive and pleasant taste. After this visit, I decided to explore their menu more and this experience seems to be consistent with all of the iced coffees. From the Caramel Latte to the Dirty Chai, this unique taste is present and keeps me coming back to the local shop. 

This gem of a coffee shop connects veterans in the community while sharing their delicious coffee, drinks, and other goods. I rate my experience here 4.5 stars. I have never had a problem with the service and the food options have never disappointed me within my visits.