A special gift for special workers

NHS makes and sends out cards to people working the frontlines


Stacey Kozisek

In an effort to put a smile on frontline workers’ faces, NHS created lots of colorful and heartwarming cards to send out to them.

Shelby OMara, Staff Reporter

Working on the frontlines is a dangerous job and has gotten even more detrimental since COVID-19. This type of job has long and hard hours and many people have done things to show their support to these extremely important workers.

This year, the National Honor Society wanted to show their support to medical care workers by doing something unique and hopefully letting the hospital employees know that they are appreciated.

“A friend of mine, Tara Branecki, organized this project and invited NHS to participate,”  National Honor Society co-sponsorStacey Kozisek said. “We are always looking for fun and different activities for team building activities. This is an excellent cause, and I felt the members would enjoy using their artistic talents.”

Members of the NHS had to get creative on December 8, to make different posters and signs. They were hoping these posters might give workers a little bit of encouragement to keep doing what they’re doing.

“During our last NHS meeting, students made signs, cards or wrote letters,” National Honor Society co-sponsor Delanie Shult said. “There were also a few bigger yard signs that a few of our more artistic members took to write on and decorate. They were just in charge of writing encouraging messages and thanking them for all they are doing. Some of the letters that were written were just super encouraging and just letting them know that their work is not going unnoticed.”

Members did not typically gain anything from this project. Making these signs of appreciation was all for the benefit of the people working the frontlines at the Medcare center. 

“We wanted to show our appreciation to the medical staff who are working hard to keep the virus contained and trying to stop it. We didn’t get any hours or anything like that,” NHS member Nathan Kozisek said. “But, it felt good to make someone’s day better!”

These cards, posters, signs and letters were all decorated in different ways. NHS members wanted to show the hospital workers that they are appreciated. 

“The cards and signs had varying messages of appreciation to the frontline workers at the Med Center,” Stacey Kozisek said. “Some were ‘thank you’s’ others were seasonal based.”

The NHS sponsors felt that the members enjoyed this exciting opportunity. Even though they had a good time, the whole purpose of this event was to give back to the people working the frontlines.

“We’re hoping to just bring some cheer and encouragement,” Shult said. “This time of year can be hard for a variety of reasons, but COVID is making it even worse. So we want to bring some smiles to those workers.”

NHS members and sponsors are always looking for entertaining group activities. The sponsors felt members enjoyed this event because they got to do something for others while being able to be creative.