The weird house

New Netflix show gains some attention


Photo provided by Netflix

Bole and Rial have a new house but are scared to go back to the real world.

Bailey Vincent, Staff Reporter

As we are getting into the Thanksgiving season, this movie will give people a reason to be very thankful for everything you have. This film called “His House” by Robert Ebert is an exciting and fearful story of ups and downs that happen in their life. It takes turns and has scares, but it is an exciting movie. This feature is new on Netflix and needs some attention.

This refugee couple escapes the war in South Sudan, but they struggle to adjust to their new life in an English town. This town has evil lurking around and beneath the surface. Bole (Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku) make their way to England since they can’t live in Sudan anymore because the war is taking over and is too dangerous. 

They miss their daughter more and more every day because of a boat accident that happened which left her not making it out alive. The only way they were able to get to the English town was by causing trouble and getting on probation so they were able to be sent away. Mark (Matt Smith) says that the house that they are going to is way bigger than the house they have ever been in. 

One of the good ones” is uttered multiple times in this house, they don’t understand what this actually means at the moment, but it is said at least five times. This is when the haunting of “His House” starts. It continues to go on for days and days until they want to get out of the house because of how haunted it is.

They wanted to stay in England, but Bole refuses to leave because it is safer there than back in Sudan. They offer a scenario for their attendance. Bole’s attempts to get along are working out, but Rial’s feelings about her current situation are way more complicated. She needed to go to the doctors, so she went and explained to their doctor her markings that are on her skin which are symbols of both tribes in her homeland in South Sudan. She doesn’t know how she got them or where they came from.

They stopped hearing “One of the good ones” but now all they hear is “Sea witch” which is very offensive because Bole takes full blame for his daughter’s death. It gets worse every night and just gets louder. Rial told Mark that the “Sea Witch” isn’t just a saying, it’s an actual person and spiritual thing living in the house.

Bole and Rial wanted to get married because it would help them find a better house. After all, they don’t want to stay in the town with the haunted house. So Bole and Rial got what they wanted and made their wedding incredible and something to look back on. They have been through so much together and apart so they want to spend their life with each other and complete challenges. They can be more comfortable talking to each other about other things if they are married and can agree on more.

On another note, this movie has some jump scares and unsettling effects, but they are just a part of the beginning up to lead everyone into the movie. I like how there are jumpscares at the beginning of the movie because it gets you all excited for the rest of the movie and makes you expect more.  The sea creatures are not scary, but they are a zombie type. I like how they aren’t really a sea creature but more a zombie animal living in the water. This film is not gory, but the haunting scenes are pretty intense. It’s an intense movie but isn’t very gruesome, so I think people wouldn’t get that grossed out by some of the scenes. These are all good things if you love horror movies that tend to scare people a little bit.

Although it is horrid and intense in some scenes, I do recommend this movie for people who love horror movies and things that make them frightened and excited. I think this would be a great choice for anyone who is just looking for a movie to sit down and be interested in.