Baking sweet treats for those who protect our country

NHS members take time to make cookies for Treats for Troops


Photo Courtesy of Macy Klein

Junior NHS member Macy Klein dedicates her time to the Treats for Troops service project. “I wanted to get involved in making cookies for troops because I love baking,” Klein said. “It is especially meaningful for me to help out those who are fighting for our country!”

Alexis Bahensky, Cartoonist

National Honor Society members at Millard West have taken up a new project for the holiday season. From the end of October to early November, they have decided to devote their time to making baked goods to send to troops through the Treats for Troops organization. 

Throughout the year, Treats for Troops collect different donations, such as candy during Halloween and cookies during Christmas, to distribute to the troops. When NHS Adviser Stacy Kozisek came across the organization, she saw it as a perfect opportunity to get her members involved during the holidays.

“I had a friend who posted on Facebook that she needed help with a project involving Treats for Troops,” Kozisek said. “So I contacted her and told her I was a part of NHS and asked if we could help out in any way, shape or form. We ironed out the logistics and from there it just took off.”

Once the project was brought up, members jumped at the chance to gain their service hours through baking. They could earn one service hour for every two dozen cookies they made.

I spent about six hours baking two types of cookies: brownie M&M and Cowboy cookies from scratch,” junior NHS member Macy Klein said. “These treats will be shipped to troops overseas so they can know how much we appreciate them and all they do.

Members in Millard West’s NHS program took time out of their days to bake cookies for troops deployed during the holiday season. “I think spreading kindness and holiday cheer and maybe a sense of home to the troops will help bring out more holiday cheer,” senior NHS Officer Golden Kelly said. “Volunteering during this time of the year makes me really happy.”
Photo courtesy of Stacey Kozisek

Members have gotten involved for a variety of reasons beyond earning service hours. Some had close connections with the cause.

I personally wanted to get involved in cookies for troops because I have family that serves in the armed services, and I know how it can be hard for families to be apart during the holidays,” senior NHS officer Golden Kelly said. “Making cookies for the troops is a little reminder for me to be grateful and appreciate the time we have with our families, even if they are away from home.”

Others participated because the activity was a good way to get involved in their community during COVID.

“Treats for Troops was a safe and easy way to do service hours during this pandemic,” junior NHS member Nevin Butler said. “We are providing those who are tasked with protecting us treats that, in other circumstances, they might not get.”

NHS first took this project up back in September. During that time, 13 members participated to make over 70 dozen cookies. Since it was such a success, they decided to bring it back. With the holidays around the corner, 31 have participated contributing 192 dozen. That’s 2,304 cookies.  

Baking is an activity that a lot of love and home is put into the work,” Kelly said. “I think making the cookies for the troops also helps give a sense of gratitude and being thankful for those that serve our country.”

The Millard West NHS hopes to continue this new service project for years to come and provide our troops with the support they need, especially during the holiday season.