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Band releases third studio album reflecting the beginning of a new era

“mama’s boy” took a different approach from their last two albums, “Malibu Nights” and “LANY.” The release of this album gave off a nostalgic and southern feeling unlike their usual contemporary heartbreak songs.

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“mama’s boy” took a different approach from their last two albums, “Malibu Nights” and “LANY.” The release of this album gave off a nostalgic and southern feeling unlike their usual contemporary heartbreak songs.

Paige Fortney, Staff Reporter

On October 2, LANY released their third studio album, “mama’s boy.” The album included 14 new songs, with some of those being singles released earlier before the initial album drop. The band took to social media on April 30 to announce the release, and the tracklist was later revealed in the month of August on Apple Music. 

Starting out the album, “you!” was the third promotional released single and also holds the reason on why the name of the album is what it is. In May, group member Paul Klein posted a picture of a text message conversation with his father talking about how “you!” is the best song they have ever written. The picture was captioned as “might be a mama’s boy but i’m a daddy’s girl too,” therefore where the title got its name, “mama’s boy.” This song is very light hearted and sets a good tone for the beginning of the album. 

The next track “cowboy in LA” almost gives off a sort of country vibe within it, with frontman Paul Klein switching into a southern accent in some of the lyrics. According to GENIUS, “the cowboy imagery comes from Klein’s childhood in Oklahoma.” This song was personally not my favorite, but I am also not a fan of country music and that was the vibe that I got from this song. This track was also teased in a tweet by Klein saying “I’m a cowboy in LA.”

“if this is the last time” is the album’s fourth track, and one of the most listened to songs. This was the album’s second single and is a family love letter portraying the message “every moment is precious, so treat it as if it is your last.” I loved the way this song was written and all of the acoustics within it. I think the message it gives off is so important and the song overall was beautifully well done. 

The album’s first single “good guys” explores the theme of self-doubt and giving so much to a person, only to not receive the same thing in return. This is one of the album’s more upbeat songs and has some electronic instruments included in it. I loved this song a lot, as did others with this song being the fifth most popular song by LANY. This single was very relatable and I actually understood the lyrics and what the song was trying to get across.

“when you’re drunk” is the next track and it is also one of my favorites. The song’s lyrics relate to the idea of liking someone who likes a bunch of other people, and then talking to you only when they’re drinking. Klein previewed this song prior to the album release on his Instagram story back in March. I really like the melodies in this song and the tone of it. 

Wrapping up the album is “nobody else.” This song is calming and relaxing with the instruments used in it, and perfectly closed up the album. In an interview with Spotify, Klein talked about how he wrote this song sitting on the couch, just enjoying the moment. When I listened to this song I could fully tell how much passion was put into making it and in the lyrics.

LANY’s vision and inspiration for “mama’s boy” came from simply mowing the lawn. As stated in an Instagram post, “Mowing the yard and getting the lines in the grass just right taught me to take pride in my work no matter how big or small the job. This is us knowing exactly who we are and embracing ourselves fully for the first time as a band. And we’ve done our absolute best to make album three as perfect as possible… like a freshly mowed yard.” LANY’s album gave off the strongest messages in each song, and it was clear to see the emotion behind each lyric. I was most definitely very excited for the release of this album, and I was most definitely not disappointed to say the least. 4/5 stars.