A ceremonial entry

New members inducted into the National Honors Society


Photo from Lance Smith

Sophomores and Juniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or above are invited to apply for membership in the NHS. Students will be notified whether or not they are accepted.

Jonathan Jimenez, Staff Reporter

On Monday, September 14, 48 students were inducted into the National Honor Society months after the originally planned date due to Covid-19 and remote learning this past spring.

The new members consist mainly of juniors, but there are some seniors as well. To join the NHS, one would have to submit an application and write an essay to the Millard West Faculty Council, which is made up of five teachers, who will review them. The applicants must also demonstrate the four pillars of the NHS: scholarship, leadership, service and character. Current members of the society are also required to heed the four pillars.

“National Honor Society is an organization for students who are positive leaders in the school and community through leadership and service,” English teacher and co-sponsor Mrs. Shult said. “We volunteer at many places around the city, organize various drives to get items that are needed for certain organizations, and we try to set a good example throughout the school.”

On the NHS application form, there is an area designated for applicants to submit their leadership experience, school activities they are involved in and community services they’ve done. They also give an explanation of what they will bring to the NHS and how their experiences will help them when inducted into the organization. At least two Faculty Council members will then review an application. Starting off the induction process in the auditorium, the NHS officers welcomed everyone to the ceremony and described the four pillars. They lit a candle representing as a symbol of enlightening for the pillars.

“I decided to join because I enjoy changing my school and community for the better,” junior Alexis Bahensky said. “I’m not going to lie, I was really anxious about walking across the stage, but it was all worth it to be welcomed into such a wonderful community.

The new members of the NHS listened to Mr. Smith, the athletics and activities director, deliver a speech about leadership and giving back to the community. After this, the new members recited the NHS pledge, walked across the stage and received a certificate and a yellow flower. Meeting the requirements of the four pillars is a great feat to accomplish. For the first pillar, scholarship, a member has to put forth a lot of effort into their education and go above and beyond. Leadership entails positively influencing the people in your school. Service involves heavy volunteering and working to make your school and community a better place. Finally, character is considered to be the most important pillar. It calls for a student’s ability to do the right things and follow their hearts.

As an officer, I meet with the three other senior officers and the advisers to get a plan together of what we need to focus on for whole group meetings,” senior Emma Baker said. “ All together, the officers act as a voice for our NHS chapter and school.”

In her job as officer, Baker finds and organizes service opportunities that she presents to Millard West’s chapter once or twice a month. The officers have changed the required service hours due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Baker keeps track of the junior hour submissions. Along with keeping track of hours, officers manage social media accounts and put together slideshows to present.

The NHS has already gotten to work to improve the community among the Covid-19 pandemic. The new members have a chance to uphold the four pillars and help those around them.