Major League Baseball due for a hit in regular season scheduling

Due to COVID-19 MLB lessens the games in the 2020 season



Baseball starts up with the new directive from the government, the season may be impacted

Cody Bennett, Sports Director | Executive Striv Producer

States starting to open back up, businesses not deemed essential enough to the economy come to rise again in this age of the coronavirus, but in the sports world one question is being asked,  

What will happen to the regular season scheduling?

Due to the quarantine advice by the Center of Disease Control and the World Health Organization, all sports were shut down for the spring. Baseball, lacrosse and soccer all gone for the time being. Due to the immense amount of time that the Board of Directors had for the MLB, they thought of a simple solution that we could see in future seasons down the line.

Just shorten the season.

Shortening the MLB season will cut the long season from 162 games, down to just 90. Almost half of the games will be tossed out the window as we may move into a new era of baseball entirely. 

If we look at the last season stats, the New York Yankees were up seven games against Tampa Bay in the AL East, as well as the Los Angeles Dodgers up 21 games on the Arizona Diamondbacks. These standings decide that the MLB season really doesn’t need 160+ games to decide who comes out on top. 

But if you look in the NL Central, the Saint Louis Cardinals were only up two games against the Milwaukee Brewers. They could go on for another 5-10 to see who came out on top. So in that case it would be viable to the underdog in the division to have that many games to catch up, but on the other hand, it would be dreadful to a team where they kept falling more and more behind as the season progressed.

Therefore, seeing the MLB regular season games reduce will really test the hypothesis of only 90 games deciding who is the best nationally.