Kid Krow kicks off with a strong debut

Conan Gray releases his first full album


Photo Courtesy of Republic Records

The album cover features Conan Gray in a signature look and a crow at his side. In the past, Conan has created many of his own album covers for his self released singles. He has also produced many of his own music videos.

Logan Berggren, Features Editor

Rising artist Conan Gray released his album Kid Krow in March. The album features varying songs that connect to different parts of his life. He started his career on YouTube and found his passion for creating music. He started to gain traction in the industry after self releasing multiple singles. The album features 12 different songs, taking listeners through a wild ride of emotions and feelings. 

“Comfort Crowd” is the first of the 12 songs. The song is a reflection of the feelings and experiences that Gray went through when moving from Texas to California to study at UCLA. He stated that he was very lonely during his time in college. The song has a very soft feeling to it and makes you want to call your friends to make sure they are alright. It is hard feeling like you do not have anyone and this song encapsulates all the sensations of being alone. 

“Wish You Were Sober” is track two of the album. This is one of my favorite songs to listen to late at night driving around with the volume at full blast. The story that follows this song is the confusion between real love or just fake love due to being drunk. Many songs in the album mention Gray’s love life and the struggles that he has incurred with love. This is one of his songs that makes you want to get up, dance and lip sync to. 

“Maniac” is the third on the list and is definitely one of his more popular songs. This song is a rage filled love song that deserves to be on everyone’s break-up playlist. Gray releases his frustration with one of his ex’s. The lines “…tell them you hate me and dated me just for laughs, so why do you call me and tell me you want me back, you maniac” highlight some of the traumatic events that Gray had to go through with his ex. Although the song has a sad meaning behind it, I definitely recommend listening to it in your bedroom very loud and just go crazy (as the title suggests.)

“(Online Love)” is the first interlude of the album and clocks in at 37 seconds. Although this song may be short, it still hits you with emotions. As the title states, the song brings up struggles of online friendships and love. Even though social media and online dating apps have brought people together, it can also be toxic to try to connect with others over the internet. 

“Checkmate” is another popular song on the album. Once again, this song fills any listener up with anger. This song continues on the storyline of Gray’s frustration with his love life. Like “Maniac” I recommend listening to this explosive song in your car with your windows rolled down and volume all the way up.

“The Cut That Always Bleeds” takes a whole 360 turn when it comes to emotions. This is the first song in the album that made me cry. This slow and gloomy song showcases Gray’s feeling of not being able to get over that “one” person. Instead of adding this song to your angry playlist, put it in the sad breakup playlist. 

“Fight or Flight” is a very chaotic song. I wouldn’t say it is one of my songs of the album but I definitely do not skip over it when it comes on. Gray wanted the song to be very melodramatic and about someone who may have cheated on you. The lyrics are wild, saying things like “Clothes thrown on the balcony and you smell like perfume out a magazine.” 

“Affluenza” is another one of my favorites in the album. One of the main reasons that I love this song is because of the meaning behind it. It focuses on wealth and that money doesn’t equal happiness. Being rich at a young age because of your parents does not make you better than everyone and Gray really pokes fun at that group of people. It really shows in the lyrics, “wrecking daddy’s Benz” and “you threw a party but you kinda hate all your friends, so you’re crying in a driveway…,”. 

“(Can We Be Friends?)”  is another interlude of the album. This short 58 second song hits close to home with me. The song connects the feeling of wanting to be someone’s friend. There are many times where I have wanted to be someone’s friend so bad. This song has strong “Comfort Crowd” vibes to it, the feeling of wanting friends and not being lonely. When this song comes on, I do tear up. 

“Heather” is yet another love song. Listeners really feel Gray’s pain when it comes to love with this song. He longs to be “Heather”, the girl that Gray’s crush is in love with. The song has feelings of sadness and frustration. This is a hard song to listen to for many people because a lot relates to the feeling of jealousy. I will admit that this slow song has made me cry. With the mixture of the lyrics and Gray’s calm voice, this definitely earns a spot in the heartbroken playlist. 

“Little League” is one of my all time favorites on this album. I have a sweet spot for nostalgia. I love thinking about the past and remembering all the good memories, but it does make me sad. This song really showcases that feeling, loving the past but down on the missed times. In the lyrics, Gray reverses time to the days of no responsibilities and just being a kid. This song always makes me jump up and dance like I am in a coming of age movie. I really feel that I love this song and that many others love this song is that it is relatable. 

“The Story” is the complete opposite of the previous song. I guarantee that anyone who listens to this song will end up crying. I believe that this song has made me bawl my eyes out more times than I can count. It looks back at memories of Gray’s past, such as suicide of two gay teens, being bullied and ending up disconnected. This slow song really wraps up the album by making listeners feel for those who go through life living as a member of the LGBTQ+ and the struggles to fit in with society. 

I was so overjoyed when Conan Gray announced that he was releasing his first album. When I first listened to Kid Krow, it was everything I hoped for from him. He takes all of his listeners on a roller coaster ride through his life and many many emotions. At such a young age, Gray has made such a strong career for himself. I believe that this debut album is just a start for him and I am so excited to see what he is going to do next.