The Slow Rush

After a long wait, Tame Impala released their fourth album

With 12 new songs for fans, Tame Impala gives his audience a new perspective of his ideas on time and life.

Photo Courtesy of Genius

With 12 new songs for fans, Tame Impala gives his audience a new perspective of his ideas on time and life.

Brenna Batchelder, Staff Reporter

With much anticipation from fans, Tame Impala released their fourth studio album, The Slow Rush on February 14, 2020.  Consisting of an Australian songwriter and producer, Kevin Parker, Tame Impala is a one-man-band. The world was greeted with a dozen new tracks after the five-year gap between Parker’s last album. The Slow Rush consists of themes with time, delving deep into Parker’s ideas about life. 

 The album bleeds Parl jker’s dreamy and psychedelic rock style. Tame Impala establishes its unique style throughout their heavy use of the synthesizer and distinct vocals. The genre of The Slow Rush is fluid as it can be considered indie or psychedelic rock. 

The album starts off with the song “One More Year” introducing the theme immediately. The mellow and mesmerizing track sets the vibe for the album in a strong way. The lyrics discuss the concept of time and it’s limiting factors. Despite that, Parker discusses how he is going to live life to the fullest.

 The second track is named “Instant Destiny”. Compared to “One More Year,” this track is faster and more upbeat. The song itself carries unpredictable and lively vocals and beat. “Instant Destiny” is perfect to dance to with friends with its energetic and positive chorus. 

Coming up after “Instant Destiny” is personally one of my favorites, “Borderline.” It was released as a single before the album was. The third track is about the changes in Parker’s life after he gained his fame. He describes it as being on the border of two different worlds. It brings some serious energy while still being a song people can enjoy and dance too. 

“Posthumous Forgiveness” is the fourth track on The Slow Rush. Once the track starts, it is easy to tell that it is different from the rest of the album. It has a slower and jazzier sound, but it speeds up as it gets to the chorus. The song is an ode to his deceased father. Throughout it, Parker discusses their relationship and their unresolved problems. The beat and instrumental follows the lyrics in a way to portray what Parker is feeling. When the lyrics are upset and somewhat angry, the track speeds up and gets more chaotic. It gets softer and smoother when Parker forgives his father for what he did. Artistically, this song is one of the best on the album. It carries the mood and changes it smoothly and in an understandable way. 

Changing the vibe of The Slow Rush, the next track is “Breathe Deeper.” It is definitely a huge change compared to the last song. “Breathe Deeper” has some reminiscent of pop songs while staying within the psychedelic rock genre. Parker himself said that he was influenced by Mariah Carey while creating the beat. The upbeat track discusses life’s stressful situations and how breathing can help. The chorus perfectly summarizes the message of the song, Breathe a little deeper, should you need to come undone. It carries a dreamier and positive vibe and is completely a banger. 

“Tomorrow’s Dust” comes next on the album. The sixth track starts slower and softer but builds up throughout it to the chorus. Parker explores the concept of time even more and discusses how our present actions impact our future. The lyrics are artistic and contemplative but it is weak compared to earlier songs in the album. It didn’t catch my attention as much as “Borderline” or “Breathe Deeper” but I can appreciate the thought put behind the poetic lyrics and instrumental. 

The seventh song is “On Track.” It continues the softer vibe of “Tomorrow’s Dust”. The lyrics talk about pushing towards goals and being ‘on track’ to success. The vocals are slow and drawn out in the beginning then speed up towards the chorus. It carries hopeful energy and is a good change of pace after “Tomorrow’s Dust.”

“Lost in Yesterday” continues the trend of upbeat and positive tracks. It is the fourth single off the album and it is understandable. Being one of the stronger songs, it carries the reoccurring theme of time. The chorus helps show this when Parker sings, “’ Cause it has to be lost in yesterday and you’re gonna have to let it go someday”. Parker brings up topics like nostalgia and how the past should be left behind and coming to terms with it. I wouldn’t consider this danceable, but it would be a good song to have playing if you need some more positivity. 

After “Lost in Yesterday,” “Is it True” fades in. It continues the slight trend of the pop genre within the album. The smooth and steady beat works oddly well with the smooth vocals. Tame Impala does a great job of including different sounds within his instrumentals and “Is it True” is a great example of this. The synthesizer adds to the song in an interesting way without taking away from the vocals. The lyrics talk about young love and it’s unpredictability. 

“It Might Be Time” is the second single from The Slow Rush. It was unfortunately leaked online but was released two days after that. The song continues the theme of time and change. The synthesizer is also used heavily along with the drums. They both add to the lyrics making a cohesive yet unique track. 

The second to last song on the new album is “Glimmer.” Parker has said that this is an experimental track where he uses new instruments and messes around with his vocals more freely. It has multiple loops that create a vibe that fits the rest of the album. With only one line, I just want a glimmer of hope is a good exit to the next song. 

“One More Hour” concludes the album. It ties in with the first track, “One More Year.” It reflects heavily on his past year and what the future could possibly hold. It is a strong conclusion to the album as it ties everything together. The song has a nostalgic and thoughtful sound. 

Tame Impala established their psychedelic and popish style throughout the new album. Artistically, it has many beautiful lyrics and sounds. It is easy to tell that Kevin Parker put a lot of time and thought into this album to make it specifically fit their unique style. I personally think that The Slow Rush definitely has some weak points, but the stronger songs redeem the album. It is very introspective and I enjoyed myself while listening to it. Unfortunately, Parker tends to fall into the habit of using the same types of instruments heavily. This causes some of the tracks to mush together. The lyrics might be very different and have no similarity whatsoever but the heavy use of the synthesizer causes the songs to sound a bit repetitive. It took a couple of listens to be able to tell the songs apart, but other than that I think this album is beautiful. Parker is poetic and knows how to create emotion using instruments that are usually out of the norm.

3.7/5 stars