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The Catalyst

Junior Trey Frazier donated blood on Friday. This is Frazier’s third time donating for the HOSA blood drive. “I donate blood because I want to help people who need it,” Frazire said. “I also really enjoy it.”

The Gift of Life

October 11, 2019

This schedule will be the one followed on late start days.

Late Start

October 10, 2019

In downtown Omaha, junior Kelsie Hansen is seen skipping class and advocating for the climate. Many students around the city area came together for the climate strike. “If more people start talking about climate change, then it allows for the topic to be seen by more people,” Hansen said. “It also makes representatives listen and convince them in the right way to help them help  the climate.”

International Strike

October 7, 2019

Sarah Carron is writing down vocab words for Spanish class. She does her work to the best of her ability in all classes and strives to get good grades. “ We were copying down vocab words onto a note sheet to help us get used to using them,” Carron said. “Then we used the new vocab to help us fill out a crossword puzzle.

A long lasting honor

October 3, 2019

Junior Dustin Hatch repairs a broken fence with the help of his teammates. He was a part of  the many Millard West varsity football players who helped with flood relief in Valley, Neb. “The overall experience was very eye opening,” Hatch said. “It made me aware of the amount of damage that had been caused by the flooding. I am glad that I was able to serve a family in need.”

Teamwork at its finest

October 2, 2019

Electronic cigarette use in teenagers has grown dramatically in the past four years, however, 2019 statistics are hard to predict considering the drastic changes in administrative decision regarding the switch of situation.

One last hit

September 27, 2019

photo courtesy of Mike Straub

48 for Autism

May 24, 2019

Junior Ashley Love and senior Grace Dirks perform Old Town Road on their cellos. This was their Beyond the Voice performance for Choral Quidditch.

Let the games begin

May 21, 2019

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