Wildcats Nearly Shutout the Titans

Millard West vs Papio-South Softball


photo by Lindsey Nelson

Junior Jayda VanAckeren winds up to pitch against Papio South.

Noah Walls, Staff Reporter

On August 22nd, the Millard West Varsity Softball team took on Papio South in a head to head matchup to kick off the season. The Wildcats won the game 10-1 after scoring six runs in the fourth inning. 

Both teams worked all summer to become the best they could be. The offseason is always very important to teams because it’s the best time to improve and get better. As Millard West prepared they believed they were ready for the season.

“This summer we had open field two times a week,” junior Jayda VanAckeren said. “We also did conditioning three times a week as well as team camps over the summer.” 

The Wildcats started the game off with a hot first inning and scored two runs to raise the scoreline to 2-0 over the Titans. The beginning of the game for Papio South had nothing going for them as they did not score until the second inning.

After three innings the Wildcats were up 4-1 and they were ready to finish off the Titans. In the fourth inning the Wildcats got hot and Scored 6 runs to lead over the Titans 10-1. In the field the Wildcats only had one error all night which led them to the victory. After the high scoring inning the Wildcats knew that this summer’s hard work had paid off.

Jayda VanAckeren was the starting pitcher, She faced 18 batters and only allowed one run through the first three innings. Skyler Spreitzer closed the game and did not allow any runs. 

“After our first game I thought we looked good,” junior Delaney Richardson said. “As a team I think we need to work on our hitting and staying talkative in the dugout.”

With the final score of 10-1 the Wildcats took the victory over Papio South, improving their record to 1-0. Next week on Monday, August 26th the Wildcats take on undefeated Lincoln Southwest in their second conference game of the season.