Global Warming: A problem at our doorstep

Is it too late to fix this problem often ignored?

Cody Bennett, Assistant Striv Producer

Either a chilly, fresh Sunday morning in spring or a scorching hot Friday afternoon in summer, weather and seasons have been classified as normal in human society. Four seasons with four completely different patterns. The only thing deciding the factor: the slightest tilt of the Earth’s imaginary axis.

The tilt does not take in account of the constant expanding number of 7.6 billion humans that inhabit the Earth. With the invention of motor oil cars and coal powered vehicles, the atmosphere has been filled with plentiful amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), contributing to the “Greenhouse Effect” and Global Warming as a whole.

Global Warming has drifted from mouth to mouth increasingly from the past decades. Five different scientific societies study global warming, studies have arose where Global Warming is disputed amongst the pages with one question in mind:

When will it be too late to save our one and only home planet?

Some papers, shows that the most recent study done by the Global Commission on the Economy & Climate (GCEC) reveals that in 135 months (roughly 11 years) our planet will be too damaged to repair, and the course is set for our species, and an extinction level event may occur.




This may be another cry for change, maybe another “false doomsday preach,” but with the scientific information, higher sea levels, melting ice caps and record high CO2 levels show that, this warning should not be taken lightly.  This is the only home we have, try and colonize Mars, the moon or any other planet, no other place is as perfect as Earth.

The “Greenhouse Effect” is the most prominent example of increased Global Warming. During any normal day on planet Earth, the atmosphere traps the radiation and warmth that the sun emits. After the sun sets, the warmth is released back out into space. What the greenhouse effect is doing is that the layer of gas that is emitted from human made machines and pollution fill the atmosphere. Clogging the holes that the radiation and warmth are supposed to escape out of.

The increased heat during the point which the Earth is supposed to cool down, some ice caps melt and fall into the ocean which increases the sea level, putting our coastal cities at risk of plentiful amounts of flooding.

The ocean and plant life is one of the most prominent factors in counteracting Global Warming according to NASA. Plant life uses the CO2 in the atmosphere and ocean water and produces oxygen (O2) which, in turn, absorbs even more CO2. Recently, our most prominent “fighter” against this damning effect on Earth, may already be down for the count.

Due to the massive amounts of excess CO2, the plant life in the ocean’s water are being overwhelmed, they cannot process the excess gas in that small amount of time. The oceans are slowly getting more and more acidic, which means less and maybe another extinction level event for all sea life.

This is now the time for us as a human race -collectively- to change and save our only home we’ve ever known. We’re running out of time and the statement “better late than ever” comes into full effect as our future as a species is in jeopardy due to our own ignorance.

Certain steps must be taken to reverse or heal the damage that has already been afflicted. One positive step would be to push the use of more natural sources of energy, wind turbines, solar panels and hydro plants. Another step would be the removal of coal and fossil fuels and another push for electric cars for the public. The adoption of a plant-rich diet would cut down the processing plant pollution ten fold.

All of these, especially the alt-energy generators, can make an enormous impact on our society and save our planet.

One of the biggest counter arguments to this topic comes in many shapes, but always bubbles down to the same thing,

“Global Warming/Climate Change has always been a natural occurrence for the Earth and the different lands.”

To that I say, open your eyes.

This issue has plagued any land it has touched, settled villages before common society would be erased off the map after the slight increase in temperature, making crops unable to grow with no food, no reproduction or life. It occurs naturally, but with the amount of damage that humans have done to our planet is inconsequential to natural states of climate change.

Global Warming has been a problem that has been ignored for far too long. This is something that everyone should come together to work on. If we continue to ignore this problem, our future generations are to wear oxygen masks and live a completely different life than what we’re used to as a whole. If no change is brought up then we have 135 months, we better make the best of it.