The Battle of Q Street : Round 3


Taylor Hofbauer

The Unified Basketball stands for the National Anthem excited and ready for the tip.

Jacob Janousek, Sports Director

On Friday, March 15th, Millard West and Millard South met yet again at the Q Street Classic. This event is annual game that showcases the Unified sports teams in their talent in the sport of basketball. This was the fourth year game was held. Each year players, coaches and spectators look forward to the game as the Unified teams play a fun for all game.

Last season the game was hosted by Millard West in which we saw an exciting game that ended in a tie, which made the Wildcats hungry for the win the following year. This year the game was held at Millard South, as the schools switch off the game every year. That didn’t stop Millard West students from showing up to support the team. This year’s crowd was one of the largest for the battle of Q Street.

To prepare them for this moment they practice for weeks before school, during third block or whenever the gym was available. Unified Coach and Alternative Curriculum Program (ACP) teacher Danielle Anderson oversaw the practice.

Taylor Hofbauer
Senior Kareem Ferguson shoots a three from the corner as the crowd looks on

“We were able to practice on Monday and Friday Mornings, and we were able to practice during fourth lunch,” Anderson said. “We wanted to focus on teaching them the main skills of basketball.”

On the day of the game, walking into the court, the Wildcats were greeted by a huge crowd it only made them more excited and ready to play in this big game.

“All they were talking about was how exciting it was and just how loud it was in the gym,” Anderson said.

The crowd was into this game and all the kids seemed ready for the tip.  The ball was passed in a right away Millard West was ready. They started off by scoring two quick buckets to make it 4-0. After each basket the team and crowd would cheer which made it feel like a national championship type atmosphere. Millard South was able to make a bit of a run taking a 15-13 lead into the half.

As the teams went to the benches to refuel from that exciting first half a cool showing of the Millard South Unified cheer team kept the crowd ready and pumped for the next half.

The second half had a lot of high expectations from that opening section and it lived up to the potential as it was competitive all the way through. Each teams took turns exchanging baskets as each player was helping each other out, but Millard West had the upper hand in the second half.

Millard West won the half 11-9 and at the end of the game it was a 24-24 tie bringing the game to overtime. The overtime we got to see a good showcase of defense as the two teams only combined for four points. At the end of that three minute period it was a 26-26 tie. It was another fun and exciting game with only a lot to look forward to next years game.

“It was just so cool to see how excited they got when they made a basket,” sophomore Hogan Wright said.” I just loved seeing how hard they played and all the heart they gave.”

Taylor Hofbauer
Bench cheering after a made basket

At the end of the game and when they got done shaking hands the teams were awarded gold medals with the special Olympics logo on it and a the big wording of “Unified Sports” on it.

“I really love getting the gold medals for this game,” senior Ethan Hupp said. “It is really cool to see the recognition we get.”

Hupp who is a senior on this team is ultimately in his last year playing Unified Sports. He is really going to miss just being on the team and a lot about Unified Sports.

“I am really going to miss just being around the people and the opportunities I was given on this team,” Hupp said. “I’m going to miss being a leader on this team, with me being a senior, but I know they will do great things in the future.”

It brings an end to yet another edition of the Battle of Q Street. It was yet another exciting game and there is a lot to look forward to in the coming years of this annual game. The excitement for this program is at a all time high at the moment. A a week before this game, the Special Olympics of Nebraska awarded Millard West with a “Unified Champion School Banner” for being able top have a lot of fun with the Unified kids and shows off what they have done as student athletes. Also ESPN (entertainment and sports programming network) put the Wildcats on their Honor Roll. With track coming up this Spring for them everyone should go and check them out show off our Unified program.