Check Yes for MPS

Sydney Looney, Online Editor

On the morning of Friday, September 1st, I found myself walking into the Don Stroh Administration Center. I had butterflies in the stomach and my laptop in my hand. I was there with a few other Millard student journalist to talk to superintendent Dr. Jim Sutfin about the tax levy.

Going into this meeting I really didn’t know anything about the levy except the basics. Millard was having budgeting issues so we need higher taxes to fix that problem. Little did I know the effects this levy could have on Millard.

I got inside the building and sat down in a waiting area with the other students. After about 15 minutes of waiting, the six of us took a seat in this very official looking conference room. Dr Sutfin came in and shook all of our hands. Right off the bat he started spitting out facts at us.

Fifty three teachers lost their jobs this year. Six million dollars cut from Millard’s budget. Half a million dollars still has to be cut this school year. These were just a few number thrown at us throughout the hour we were there.

As I sat typing notes on my computer at the speed of lightning, I realized how important this issue really is.

As Sutfin gave us details of what could happen if the levy is not passed, the only thing I was thinking about were my younger brother and sister.Both of whom still have many years of school to go. The cuts made if the levy is not passed will directly affect them and the future generations to come.

Once the meeting came to a close, I get into my car and put my sunglasses on so no one could see the tears falling from my eyes. I love my younger siblings more than words can even say and the fact that they might not have the same opportunities in school that I did over the year shattered my heart into a million pieces.

They deserve to experience the amazing teachers, music classes and extra curricular like me and all the other students who have gone through Millard Public Schools did.  Getting to travel to Seattle with my Yearbook class, being on costume crew for the plays and getting to be in Mrs. Polacek’s class when I was in the fourth grade are just a few of the opportunities I’ve had over the years because school. I won’t forget these experiences until the day I die.

Each and every student across the district will be affected by the budget cuts that will have to be made if the levy doesn’t pass. Band and orchestra will both be gone. The ACP and other intervention programs will be cut. The academies, IB and early college program will no longer exist. All of these programs Millard has worked so hard to build up and make amazing will not be apart of our district anymore.

Not only will the students be impacted by the budget cuts, but the teachers as well. More teachers, custodians and paraprofessionals will lose their jobs. Teaching is one of the most important professionals there is. They don’t just teach us lessons about math and science they teach us how to become productive members of society. If more of them keep getting cut then the lives of our students won’t be the same. Our teachers are some of the best in the state and we can’t keep letting them be effected by the our budgeting issues.

The more teachers get cut the more it will change school for our students. Because of the smaller number of teachers, block scheduling will no longer be possible. Our students receive more credits in one year and are also way more prepare for college classes because of block scheduling.  If this type of scheduling gets cut then the college readiness of our students will go down. They won’t be as used to hour long classes which means they could struggle their first few years in college. They also won’t be adjusted to the workload that college will entail. Block scheduling is a huge factor in why so many Millard students are successful college students.

We cannot let these cuts and changes go unnoticed. We need to keep our district alive and the only way to do that is to get this tax levy passed. Nine more cents on people’s property taxes could mean a world of difference for hundreds of students in our district.

Watch for your ballots in the mail and check that yes box. Check it for the the siblings, the future generations and anyone who is fortunate enough to be apart of this extraordinary school district.