Black Friday Hassles

Noah Walls, Staff Editor

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving, a day for shoppers to get the best deals and cheap prices to acquire items in stores all around the country. Long lines, rude employees and messy stores are all things that make people mad. Unfortunately, that’s all you see nowadays on Black Friday.

Cheaper items and good deals are all over many stores across America, attracting around 160 million Americans each year. This accounted for the five billion dollars spent in 24 hours last Black Friday. Black Fridays set up many people in a good financial position for Christmas.

Considering that many stores start discounts a couple days in advance changes the perspective for many people. Even though discounts start early in select stores over 89% of sales are on the actual day of Black Friday. It’s almost as if people enjoy the crazy day and don’t try to take advantage of the early deals.                                          

Black Friday is a waste of people’s time and the minor deals on items are not worth your time and stress. There is a much easier alternative, online shopping as stores nationwide have the same exact deals online. Now you can sit on your couch with some leftover Thanksgiving dishes and buy all the items you desire.

The online shopping route is the way to go. Everyone is at home safe and sound while still getting great deals. People all over America continue to ignore online shopping and still go into stores.

Many people ignore the online shopping on Black Friday because of Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving for online shopping and exceptional bargains. Since Cyber Monday is devoted totally towards online shopping, Black Friday shoppers ignore the online deals until Cyber Monday.

Black Fridays consist of a laid back day and great deals an easier way. While at home im not bothered by rude employees, other customers or long lines. Shopping in stores is a hassle and waste of time.

The best way to spend Black Fridays is to get the best deals online. The busy stores and rude people are things to ignore.