Running for a letter

Junior lettered after making it their goal.


Sydney Macanamra

Hupp running in a meet at Walnut Grove

Jacob Janousek, Staff Writer

Junior Ethan Hupp has a lot of heart in everything he does, and that involves his favorite sport cross country. When he started freshman year it was always his goal to letter.This season he felt was this was the year he was finally going to do it. He started the season on varsity three which is the lowest team.

Hupp started the season strong and went 21:01 in his first meet of the season. There were six meets this year so he had a lot of room for improvement.

“I knew I needed to be better to get my letter,” Hupp said. “I needed to pay attention to my time to know I needed to go.”

Hupp made himself small goals to make him get better each and every time he went out to race.

“Goals I have is to go after my teammates and keep up with them,” Hupp said. “I just have to believe in myself to do it.

Hupp did everything he could to get his best time. For Hupp though certain things needed to go in his favor for him to do his best.

“It always had to be nice weather,” Hupp said. “Also, I couldn’t have any cramps or chest pains because that would bring down my time.”

Throughout the season his time kept getting lower and lower. He went from 21:01 to 20:44. Hupp was close to a minute from lettering. At the Millard West Invite he got 20:05 and he really had a chance to letter. At the Titan JV Invite he finally did it. Hupp lettered at a time of 19:55.

“I was so happy to finally letter,” Hupp said. “ I made it my goal and I did it, I set my mind to it and worked hard to get it.”

Hupp feels he couldn’t of done it without the help of his friends and teammates

“I just want to thank everyone who has pushed me through this and helped me get my letter,” Hupp said. “ I especially want to thank coach Colin Johnston for always pushing me and helping me meet my goal.”

Hupp started out freshman year and his progression from that year has been noticed by other students.

“His progression from freshman year was great to watch,” junior Alex Engelman said.“He might of been at the bottom then but he for sure is now at the top.”

Other teammates that really noticed Hupp’s work ethic was senior Riley Dyson

“This is only my second year doing cross country but Hupp has been cool story to watch,” Dyson said.“It really brings the quote out that anyone can do anything if you set your mind to it.”

Hupp was able to fight through all the ups and downs of cross country and finally push through and get his letter. Hupp worked hard throughout the whole season to meet his goal. Make sure to catch  Hupp in track because he plans to letter there too.