Save an animal in need

Shelter dogs are waiting for you


Caitlyn Perman, Staff Writer

Every year, six to eight million dogs wait to be adopted from animals shelters. So many, that millions are euthanized each year due to overcrowding according to PETA. Adopting a shelter animal not only gives your pet a second chance in a happy home, but can also save it from being killed in a shelter over run with dogs. The animals do not know their fate, only that they are scared and abandoned, waiting for a loving home.

By adopting a shelter dog, you’re making the marketplace less available for puppy mills. They may be cute, but those little pups in pet stores often come from mills, where they live in unsanitary and cruel conditions. If you’re asking for a dog this Christmas, tell your family to look for one at a shelter. Even dogs from breeders can come from inhumane homes, and it is preventing  shelter dogs from finding a home.

Depending on the age and breed of the animal, buying from a breeder could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of $1,000, but this does not usually include any health benefits. Many shelters such as the humane society, spay and neuter dogs before adoption, saving adopters hundreds of dollars. Rescue animals are also often microchipped and vaccinated, which can cost up anywhere from $60 to $150. Very reasonably priced compared to buying a dog from a store or breeder.       

The typical adoption fee for adult dogs range from $50-$140, that saves you hundreds compared to buying from a store or breeder.

There may not be newborn puppies at the shelter, but many senior dogs are left there to live out the rest of their life in a cage. By adopting a senior dog you give them the opportunity to live the rest of their life feeling happy and loved, instead of scared and abandoned. Many of the shelter dogs don’t know what love is because they have been  neglected and tossed aside. Bring peace to their lives and the joy of a companion to yours.

If you can not get a dog this holiday season, consider donating. Donations go towards vet bills, food, beds, blankets etc. You can even get cheap dog toys from the dollar store and donate them. The only comforts the dogs have are their blankets and toys in their cage. The season of giving should not disclude a shelter dog, donate to your local shelter and bring joy to a dog that has experienced so much sadness.