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Payment for nothing

The parking lot along with street parking has glaring issues
Caden Reynolds
The current parking pass can be improved greatly to make more people park in the parking lot.

Currently, there is no easy way to fix the parking lot without making a physical change however there is one variable that needs to be altered which can drastically improve how people view the parking lot. The parking pass costs $40. Except the school wants you to pay to park which isn’t worth the money because of street side parking.

The parking pass has been around since the early 2000s however you don’t need a parking pass to park on the street which seems like a random call. Also, the price is to be considered that being $40. Many students wouldn’t want to pay that when you can park on the street. Street parking causes jams and parking in the parking lot isn’t worth the trouble. 

One solution is to make parking free which is a novel idea people will have less of a reason to park on the street. This solution, however, will make the parking lot more dangerous to navigate because more people and cars will be moving through, which isn’t safe for anyone. Also, most people will still park on the street this is due to it being more efficient to leave and get into. The parking pass being eliminated will be a small drop in income at the school which they wouldn’t be willing to take. 

Another solution would be paid parking for the street the opposite of the previous solution except it’s worse in comparison. The cost of parking would double to $80, and people wouldn’t be willing to pay such a high price so people from both the street and the parking lot would move to the neighborhood for parking which could clog up the neighborhood and cause complaints.

A final solution would be combining the street with the main parking lot; unlike the previous solution, this one will keep the cost of the current parking pass while making it larger. Just like the rest of the solutions, this one isn’t perfect. People still will park in spots that block traffic but it will also encourage people to use the parking lot.

There are ways that the current system can get worse and that is monthly parking payment. This is way worse because no one wants to pay a monthly subscription to a parking lot. This could also have people park in the neighborhoods which is a horrible idea. However, this could have some benefits. People would prefer to pay little by little instead of paying a large amount. Overall the parking could be better and more efficient than it currently is. 

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About the Contributor
Caden Reynolds, Staff Reporter
Caden is a new reporter to the Catalyst. He’s very new to journalism and writing. He was thinking on being in the tennis team or golf team. A little thing about him is he went to this really big museum that had many hazards spread around it but that didn’t discourage Caden from having a good time.

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