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Navigating the divide

The call for congressional age limits

In a democratic society, the representation of the people is paramount, but as the years roll on, the question of age limits for federal elected officials becomes increasingly pertinent. In my opinion there must be some way to set an age limit for members of congress.

According to a Pew Research poll, “most Americans favor obvious maximum age limits for federal elected officials,” indicating a growing sentiment that age should be a factor in determining who leads the nation.
With this being the case, the clear question of “should we implement congressional age limits?” poses itself. 

Representative John James proposes a specific threshold, stating, “if at any time during the term the person will be 75 years of age or older. They should no longer be in the position.” This proposition raises the crucial question of whether age directly correlates with the ability to effectively govern. 

While aging itself does not guarantee cognitive decline, recent health concerns among political leaders such as President Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, have reignited the debate on whether preemptive measures, such as age limits, are necessary.

Balancing the respect for experience and the need for fresh perspectives is challenging. Advocates argue that age limits can ensure a dynamic and adaptable leadership, preventing any potential decline in decision-making capabilities. 

On the contrary, opponents contend that age should not be the sole determinant of competency, as individuals age differently, and wisdom gained through experience can be invaluable.

As we tread this delicate path, the call for age limits in Congress prompts us to reflect on the essence of democracy. Striking a balance between respecting the wisdom of age and embracing the vitality of youth is essential for a system that truly represents the diverse and evolving interests of the American people. 

The debate on congressional age limits remains a conversation about the future of governance—one that demands careful consideration and a commitment to ensuring that our democracy remains vibrant and responsive to the ever-changing needs of its citizens.

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Connor Michalski
Connor Michalski, Staff Reporter
Connor is a senior at Millard West and he is on his first on the CATalyst staff. He enjoys staying up to date with current events and spending time with his friends and family. Connor also enjoys fishing, camping, and exploring. He also enjoys watching football, as well as other sports like baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer. His favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

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