Apples to Android

Two popular phone brands go head to head to reign king


Photo courtesy of IT Pro

The debate between Apple and Android has gone on ever since the birth of these two phone companies. They will be compared side by side to see who really takes the cake.

Nolan Nemitz, Staff Reporter

It seems as though every year or so there is a new piece of technology that everyone wants, especially the newest phone model. Apple and Android phones have always been the desired brands and they are constantly debated about ever since their release.

I believe a good phone has features like spectacular camera and audio quality, pricing, and overall popularity. The newest phones from each brand are the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from Android and the iPhone 13 Pro Max from Apple.

The Samsung has a slightly louder speaker than the iPhone does by around one decibel, however, it does not compete with the clarity of the iPhone audio quality. Apple itself has stated in the promotion that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is better than other past iPhones or any phone on the market, as of now. I listen to a lot of music, so since the iPhone has better audio quality, it appeals more to me.

On Amazon, the price for the 128GB version of the iPhone goes for $999.00. That is practically $1,000 that you are spending on something you are gonna have for a few years, only to get another new version. The 128GB version of the Samsung is only $785 on Amazon, almost 25% off the price of the iPhone. Even though Apple sets its prices at a premium, it is made that way for a reason. People will pay more for a better experience and that’s what you get when shopping with Apple.

The features of the phone really make or break it. Speaking of, the iPhone has scratch-resistant ceramic glass and an oleophobic coating.  It has a higher chance of surviving a fall compared to Samsung. That also adds to why iPhones are usually kept in better condition than any other phone. 

If a phone can hold a charge well, it can take what’s in my wallet. The Samsung outlasts the iPhone by a long shot with a battery life of 114 hours from a full charge. Sadly, the iPhone can only last 85 hours from a full charge, so if you were to use the Samsung, you could be on it for 29 more hours. On top of that, the Samsung charges faster at 25 watts compared to the iPhone that charges at 23 watts. 

Overall, I think the iPhone 13 Pro Max from Apple is better than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from Android, however, Samsung did give the iPhone a run for its money. It has a longer-lasting battery life, faster charging, and a cheaper price. 

Personally, Apple products are just so natural to me and easier to work with because I have used them my entire life. Though, I am sure someone who has used an Android type of phone would say the same thing about the iPhone. As time goes on, iPhones get more simplistic in design to keep them new and fresh.

Since Apple is a bigger company than Android, it has more popularity and products other than phones. A lot of young people in my generation use iPhones and it’s for a good reason because it is the cream of the crop for any phone plain and simple.